Course Overview

The Essential Training course is your introduction to ASI Controls DDC systems. During this 4-day course (day 5 offers an optional IntelliFront certification) you will learn how to assemble a basic ASI system. You will learn about sequences in the pre-programmed ASIC/1 controllers and learn to configure simple ASIC/3 applications for solutions beyond the capabilities of our ASIC/1 line. After programming the controllers, you will learn how to use IntelliFront to build a front end for the controllers. There is an optional certification lab exercise on Friday for customers to become certified IntelliFront programmers.


 $1,045 (4 days of training without IntelliFront certification or a training kit)

$1,745 (5 days of training with IntelliFront certification, but no training kit)

$2,345 (4 days of training without IntelliFront certification, but with training kit)

$3,045 (5 days of training with IntelliFront certification and a training kit) RECOMMENDED

Course Content

All attendees receive the following:

  • 4 days of training
  • Optional IntelliFront certification (Day 5)
  • ASI Expert software
  • ASIC/3-9540, ASIC/1-8100 and ASIC/1-6100 controllers
  • Micro-SINC and USB device cable
  • Carrying case
  • 24 VAC transformer (to power the controllers)
  • All documentation on USB drive

There is an additional cost of $700 for IntelliFront certification. Certification is required to purchase IntelliFront products. Certified IntelliFront programmers also receive a yearly engineering tool license for the software.

If more than one person from your company attends the same course, or if your company has already purchased a training kit, then each additional person may pay a course fee of $1,045. After September 20, the cost will be $1,345. There is an additional cost of $700 for IntelliFront certification. Certification is required to purchase IntelliFront products. The additional persons may use our hardware for the course, but would not keep the hardware after the course.

Course Date/Location

The course begins at 8:30 AM and runs from Monday, October 14 and runs through Thursday, October 17. Attendees receiving IntelliFront Certification will meet on Friday, October 18 for the examination.

The course will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel New Orleans Airport.

2150 Veterans Memorial Boulevard,
Kenner, LA 70062
Phone: (260)490-3629

Room reservations: Reserve your room

Room cost: $139/night. Use Group Code “ASI”. Reserve by September 20, 2019 to secure conference rates.




An acceptable candidate for this program should have basic knowledge of HVAC and HVAC control systems. It is desirable that the candidate has some experience with designing, configuring, and/or installing DDC controls systems. The candidate should also be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows operating systems and be fluent in file management.

Each student needs a Windows 7 or newer PC with free USB port and a wired Ethernet connection. Many students also find it useful to bring an external mouse. Students must have administrative rights to their Windows account on their PC.  Google Chrome is recommended for use with IntelliFront software.

Special Accommodations

Please contact ASI Controls if you require auxiliary aids or services to have full participation and equal access to the facilities utilized for this training class.

Course Syllabus and Travel Information

October2019EssentialTraining [PDF]


Early registration pricing is available until September 20, 2019. Prices will increase after that date. 


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USBIO FrontASI Controls is pleased to announce its new ASIC/3 USB-IO Expander is currently undergoing beta testing. The USB-IO Expander provides a low-cost, easy-to-implement IO expansion for the ASIC/3 programmable controller family.

Powered solely by the host controller, the USB-IO allows users to immediately start using eight additional analog inputs, eight relay outputs, and four analog outputs. By connecting the Expander to an ASIC/3 controller, all of the new inputs and outputs are automatically added to the host controller’s IO count. This new IO looks identical to the host’s native IO and is configured using Visual Expert.

A standard USB 2.0, A-Male to Mini-B cable carries both communications and power. This allows for easy implementation— saving wiring and installation costs. A second USB-IO Expander can be added with the use of a standard USB powered hub.

ASI plans to take the first shipment of from its manufacturing partner, Electronic Design & Manufacturing in Q1 of 2019.

ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander ASI Controls, a leading building automation systems manufacturer has announced an agreement with Electronic Design & Manufacturing of Lynchburg Virginia to build the new ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander. The agreement marks the third ASI product built in the United States.

The ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning controls installers a low-cost, easy-to-implement method for increasing the number of inputs and outputs available for certain programmable controllers.

Powered solely by the host controller, the USB-IO allows users to immediately starting using eight additional analog inputs, eight relay outputs, and four analog outputs. By connecting the Expander to an ASIC/3 controller, all of the new inputs and outputs are automatically added to the host controller’s I/O count. This new I/O looks identical to the host’s native I/O and is configured using Visual Expert.

ASI’s decision to assemble the USB-IO in the United States is one step in a broader effort toward moving assembly of its entire product line within the country. ASI currently contracts a Minnesota-based company to build its ASIC/1-6100 and 8100 products, while ASIC/3-9520 and 9540 products are built in Malaysia.

Mike Fong, Chief Operating Officer, said the company is committed to doubling U.S. production in 2019 and intends on building its next generation of controllers within the United States.

“We are proud to be able to assemble many of our products in the USA,” Fong said. “Aside from contributing to the growth of the American manufacturing sector, we have seen first-hand the benefits in quality, time, and shipping savings by utilizing U.S. workers. It’s a savings we can pass on to our customers.”

Electronic Design & Manufacturing is an ISO certified electronics manufacturer specializing in PCB products. Since 1990, EDM has had a proven track record of building high-quality PCB products at competitive price levels.

“EDM has impressed us from the start,” Fong said. “From the first meeting, they really took the time to fully understand the USB-IO and our manufacturing requirements. We were pleased to discover that EDM shares our commitment to quality and support.”

The first ASIC/3-USB-IO devices are expected to ship from EDM in November.


The idea of commitment to one company seems quaint in an age where the average person spends about four years at a job before moving on. Mike Fong knows a thing or two about commitment though. This July marks Fong’s twentieth anniversary with ASI Controls. Through his journey from technical support to Chief Operating Officer he has seen a lot of change, but it’s the things which have remained the same that kept him committed to ASI.

Mike Fong, COO of ASI Controls

Fong joined ASI Controls in 1998 after completing his degree in mechanical engineering at UCLA and a stint working with an Andover dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through Dave Thompson, a former employee, Fong met Bill Chapman who hired him to serve as a technical support representative.

“It was a landmark time at ASI,” Fong said. “ASI Expert was close to release. Before that, we had software tools that ran in DOS. Our focus was more on OEM than resellers. The release of  Expert was a watershed moment for us because we could connect with customers who did not have their own controls department.”

Fong played a critical role in shaping the direction of technical support. He created some of the first technical resources and helped to develop ASI’s Essential Training class, which he still teaches. Initially, customers traveled to San Ramon for training. Fong noticed the challenge of convincing east coast customers to make the trip. He suggested that ASI take its training program on the road.

“I take a lot of pride in establishing our training program and building it to what it is today,” Fong said. “Our attendees frequently praise us for the quality of the classes. I think the impression we make on our customers during training is second to none in terms of what we provide, both in, and out of the classroom.”

As Fong’s career grew so did his responsibilities. He took on increasingly larger roles as Technical Services Manager, VP of Technical Services and finally Chief Operating Officer. While much has changed for Fong, one thing has remained the same— valuing the relationship with customers and understanding them on a personal level. Fong owes much of his customer-first mindset to ASI’s founder, Bill Chapman, who was his mentor.

“Bill Chapman set an example,” Fong said. “I probably learned more from him than anyone else about how to treat customers. We may not always do what is best for us from a financial standpoint but we will never have trouble sleeping at night because we know we are treating our customers right.”

Chapman’ words after a particularly difficult support call have stuck with Fong through the years. “Not everyone thinks like you do, it’s up to you to understand how they think and present it in a way which resonates for them.”

Fong has applied that mantra throughout his career toward each interaction with customers. His focus remains helping them solve problems and passing on the knowledge he has acquired throughout his tenure at ASI.

“Mike’s knowledge, diligence and expertise are highly valued by customers. His logical, patient, problem solving nature and attention to detail make him the go-to guy,” Francis Chapmen, CEO said. “His professionalism inspires the rest of the team to deliver the outstanding support ASI is known for.”

Fong credits ASI’s emphasis on people as part of what kept him with the company. It allowed him the opportunity to also balance his commitment to his family.

“This is a family first kind of company,” Fong said. “I have a son with special needs and they have always given me leeway to attend to that when I need to.”

While Fong has had plenty of opportunities to reflect on the past 20 years his focus remains on the future. His steadfast presence keeps ASI moving toward developing better and more efficient products and creating training and service initiatives which make them easier to install.

“I really believe in listening to our customers,” Fong said. “We understand that the market is changing. Today’s installers are often less experienced than their predecessors, so we are working toward cutting the learning curve and time-to-install with things like auto serial numbering, wizards, and wireless technology.”

Fong helped build ASI Controls into what it is today. To say anything less would be a disservice to the impact he has made over the last two decades. He remains the ever-present engine helping to push the company forward, one satisfied customer at a time. ASI Controls offers its warmest congratulations to Mike Fong on his 20 years of dedication and looks forward to more years of unparalleled service.

You may have heard about Siemens buying J2 Innovations this week, and because J2 is the OEM provider for the framework that ASI Controls IntelliFront front end software is built on we wanted to share some information about this event with you.

J2 Innovations will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary, with no changes in their visionary leadership team and no restrictions on their ability to provide OEM solutions. They will benefit from having more resources available to continue development of the framework that makes IntelliFront the most efficient, scalable and effective front end on the market. Near-term priorities include a distributed architecture that enables new Cloud-based features and increased support for OEM partners like ASI Controls.

We remain committed to IntelliFront and will continue both promoting IntelliFront and releasing innovative new features and enhancements.

What does this mean for ASI Controls?

We do not anticipate any major changes. J2 remains committed to our OEM partnership, and we remain committed to making IntelliFront the best front end in the industry.

Can I still purchase IntelliFront licenses and upgrades through ASI Controls?

Yes. Customers will be able to buy IntelliFront licenses and upgrades without interruption.

Will ASI continue to support IntelliFront?

Yes, you can expect the same outstanding support we always strive for.

Where can I get IntelliFront training and certification?

IntelliFront training and certification are available through ASI Controls. The ASI fundamentals course (Essential Training) features IntelliFront, and we will add Advanced Training in the future.

Will there be new features in IntelliFront?

Yes. Completing the roll out of the ASI protocol connector for IntelliFront continues to be a major priority, and Automated Commissioning is coming soon.

Will ASI continue to support both IntelliFront and the JASIC Open Systems line?

ASI remains committed to giving you a range of options to best meet customer needs, including IntelliFront on the J2 framework and JASIC Open Systems on Tridium’s Niagara Framework.

In the last few years J2 Innovations has significantly raised the bar for control system front-ends. Their acquisition is a testament to the market leadership position they established through relentless innovation guided by deep industry knowledge. The framework J2 provides puts IntelliFront customers in pole position as the pace of technology changes in our industry continues to accelerate. We look forward to adding more value and features to IntelliFront in the months and years to come.

Many VAR’s have expressed interest in more specialized training. We plan to offer more training classes in the future and are moving toward offering both in-person and online options for some topics.

Help us determine what you would like to learn next. Fill out the form below with your suggestion.


Suggest training topics

  • Tell us what you would like to learn more about.



ASI Controls welcomes five new team members. Over the last few months Sam DeAngelis, Tyler Drazich, Annie Yu, James Poston, and Brian Nicholas have all joined our team to help us expand engineering, sales, marketing, and operations. Get to know our new hires!

Sam DeAngelis

Customer Success Manager

Sam joined the ASI Team in January, after being a VAR for over ten years. Sam’s new role at ASI is to support VARs with continuing success in control sales and service, and also with any new growth opportunities. Sam has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years, starting out in the greater Los Angeles area as an apprentice at Local 250 and relocated to the Denver area in 1994. Sam was an apprentice instructor for 12 years at Local 208 in Denver. In 1997 he founded Colorado Climate Maintenance, Inc (CCM), a commercial HVAC service focused contractor in the Denver and Colorado Spring metro areas. Recently Sam sold CCM and after taking six months off, he joined the ASI Team. Sam enjoys playing ice hockey, as a goalie, a few times a week, skiing in the winter, and driving his sports car, a McLaren 570S, in the summer. He has been married to his lovely wife Pam for 32 years, has two daughters and a son, which all live near him in Lone Tree, CO.

Annie Yu

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Annie started at ASI Controls in January as the Accounts Receivable clerk. She graduated from the University of California, Davis in December where she received a B.S. in Human Development and a minor in Psychology. Previous positions she held were an operations lead/supervisor for the university’s bookstore and a payroll office assistant at the university. In her spare time, she loves trying different foods at new and popular restaurants, being outdoors, and spending quality time with family and friends. She grew up moving around different cities, and now lives in Concord, California.

Brian Nicholas

Marketing Manager

Brian joined ASI Controls in January as Marketing Manager. Previously, he held roles as a journalist, radio producer, and in various marketing positions for several large universities. Most recently, Brian served as a software product manager for a marketing firm which specializes in higher education. He received a B.A. in journalism from High Point University and an M.A. in public relations from Rowan University. A native of Richmond, Virginia, Brian enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and SCUBA diving. Brian fills his spare time writing for a local blog and searching for the perfect cheeseburger. He resides in Richmond with his wife Rebecca and her two cats.


ASI Controls also welcomes:

James Poston

Quality Assurance Engineer


Tyler Drazich

Senior Engineer

We know that people come and go and that sometimes mission-critical information doesn’t always reach the right person in time. We also understand the frustration of wishing you had information earlier.

ASI is currently improving its process for communicating firmware updates, bug fixes, and essential product information to our customers. To provide the most up-to-the-minute information on our products, we need to know who to contact. Help us get critical technical information to your organization by filling out the form below.

Don’t worry, we won’t spam your contact(s) with marketing or other non-essential information. They will only receive what they absolutely need to know about our products; and of course, they may unsubscribe at any time.

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ASI is now shipping the ASIC/1-6100 with new firmware. This firmware version requires some file updates for ASI Expert. Users need to download the TCL and MDB files to ensure proper operation. Without the TCL file, a lot of firmware revision dependencies will fail and the display will not function properly. Without the asic1.mdb update, the new TCL will fail because some new parameters are referenced.

Log in to your Partner Portal account to download the ZIP files. They are listed under ASI Expert on the Datasheets page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to technical support at or call us at 925-866-8808

Next generation controllers which seamlessly integrate into existing building automation networks

ASI Controls Inc. received BACnet B-BC certification for its line of fully-programmable controllers. As commercial HVAC becomes more complex, cross-brand communication between controllers across a BACnet protocol has become a mandatory requirement for nearly every project. The BACnet Labs B-BC certification allows ASI to provide a powerful, cost-effective line of controllers which meet market demand.

BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) B-BC certification is an accolade of distinction for ASI Controls. Obtaining the BTL Mark demonstrates a commitment to developing exceptional products which meet rigorous testing criteria.

BTL logo
ASI Controls recieved B-BC certification for the ASIC/3-9000 line and the ASIC/3-6115

Flexible integration to meet project demands

The entire ASIC/3 line including the ASIC/3-9540, 9520, 9536 and 6115 models received B-BC certification from BTL allowing complete integration with any other BACnet capable device. With the ASIC/3-9000 line, a user can seamless connect multiple ASI devices or competitor’s devices throughout an entire building.

ASIC/3 fully-programmable controllers offer unrivaled flexibility via USB host and USB device connectors, and easily integrate into BACnet. The ASIC/3 9000 series all feature Ethernet interfaces, optional wireless communications, SD-CARD slot, and offer additional integration into Modbus networks.

“These controllers all utilize the same firmware, so they call can serve a dual purpose as either unitary controllers or supervisory controllers for other devices,” said Richard Holman, engineering supervisor.

“It’s an extremely cost-effective and powerful solution,” he added.

Customization without front-end integration

Traditionally, controllers required the inclusion of a separate front end to handle alarm and event management. ASI Controls’ ASIC/3 line improves alarm and event management by allowing the controller itself to generate alarms and communicate events to either other controllers or a front end such as IntelliFRONT or Tridium Niagara.

ASI also integrated next-generation scheduling, trending, and device network management functionality in the ASIC/3 line. With fully-fledged BACnet scheduling and calendaring, users can meet specific customer demands for weekly scheduling, holidays, and exception periods within the controllers themselves.

“We can get really specific with things like UTC offsets,” Holman said. “Users have the ability to schedule UTC offsets down to 15-minute intervals and they can save and restore configurations for each device very easily.”