Many people are using the term “Analytics” these days.  But what exactly is analytics???

For some it is collecting data and using it to identify certain situations and then taking corrective action.  Understanding why something happened so we have better knowledge of our buildings and equipment.  For ASI Controls it is much more than that.  It is using “Big Data” to extrapolate patterns and identify anomalies so you can prevent unwanted situations from occurring.  A.K.A. “Predictive Maintenance” Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  We have made it simple.

ASI Analytics powered by Point Guard is a powerful cloud based tool that allows you to identify a mechanical failure before it happens.


Simply put, a better way to budget your money to so you get more bang for your buck.

ASI Controls would like to welcome Christina Salazar as our newest Operations Technician.  Christina loves to cook.  She cooks dinner for her family almost every night.  She has two children, one boy and one girl.  They frequent parks, zoos, museums and love spending time outdoors.  Her son enjoys riding Quads and horses!  Christina loves to travel and try new things, especially new food!

Jack Floyd, VP Sales

We are pleased to announce that Jack Floyd has been appointed President of ASI Controls.

Jack joined ASI Controls in 2019 as Vice President of Sales.  Over the last couple of years Jack has demonstrated strong leadership inside the company and has been integral in setting new policies and procedures to help ASI Controls get to the next level.  Jack comes from two decades of Contracting in the Building Automation Field as an ASI VAR and is a former US Marine.

Francis Chapman, who stepped down as CEO but continues to serve as CFO and as Chairman of the Board of Directors, added “I’m excited to see Jack grow in his role, these changes will make our relationships with partners stronger and amplify the voice of our Partners in our decision making”


ASI Controls Inc., a California-based building automation controls manufacturer, announces that it has entered in to a limited distribution partnership, with Charlotte, NC-based controls distributor, ActiveLogix 

ASI Controls will transition most of its partners in the southeastern U.S. region to ActiveLogix for product purchases and front-line technical support beginning in October. The move is aimed at repositioning ASI resources toward new product development and expanding opportunities for market growth.  

“We are excited about the new agreement.  I have personally worked with Activelogix for over a decade as a Contractor and know the value they bring to the table.  I have no doubt they will be a great resource for our partners in the Southeast.” Jack Floyd VP of Sales commented.

The company has published an FAQ for its partners to its ASI University website which provides more detailed information. ASI will transition its southeastern partners to ActiveLogix over the next several months.  

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, we have decided to cancel this class. We plan to reschedule it at a later date. 

Course Overview

The Essential Training course is your introduction to ASI Controls DDC systems. During this 4-day course (day 5 offers an optional IntelliFront certification) you will learn how to assemble a basic ASI system. You will learn about sequences in the pre-programmed ASIC/1 controllers and learn to configure simple ASIC/3 applications for solutions beyond the capabilities of our ASIC/1 line. After programming the controllers, you will learn how to use IntelliFront to build a front end for the controllers. There is an optional certification lab exercise on Friday for customers to become certified IntelliFront programmers.


 $1,095 (4 days of training without IntelliFront certification or a training kit)

$1,795 (5 days of training with IntelliFront certification, but no training kit)

$2,395 (4 days of training without IntelliFront certification, but with training kit)

$3,095 (5 days of training with IntelliFront certification and a training kit) RECOMMENDED

Course Content

All attendees receive the following:

  • 4 days of training
  • Optional IntelliFront certification (Day 5)
  • ASI Expert software
  • ASIC/3-9540, ASIC/1-8100 and ASIC/1-6100 controllers
  • Micro-SINC and USB device cable
  • Carrying case
  • 24 VAC transformer (to power the controllers)
  • All documentation on USB drive

There is an additional cost of $700 for IntelliFront certification. Certification is required to purchase IntelliFront products. Certified IntelliFront programmers also receive a yearly engineering tool license for the software.

If more than one person from your company attends the same course, or if your company has already purchased a training kit, then each additional person may pay a course fee of $1,095. After April 10, 2020 the cost will be $1,395. There is an additional cost of $700 for IntelliFront certification. Certification is required to purchase IntelliFront products. The additional persons may use our hardware for the course, but would not keep the hardware after the course.

Course Date/Location

The course begins at 8:30 AM and runs from Monday, April 27. and runs through Thursday, April 30. Attendees receiving IntelliFront Certification will meet on Friday, May 1 for the examination.

The course will be held at the Hampton Inn and Suites Warrington Horsham
201 Metro Drive
Warrington, PA 18976
Phone: (215) 491-0700

Room reservations: Reserve your room

Room cost: $100/night.  Reserve by April 10, 2020 to secure conference rates. Refer to ASI Controls room block if calling to make reservations.




ASI Controls’ Essential training is not open to the general public. Only ASI Controls Value Added Resellers and those designated by a reseller are eligible to attend.  An acceptable candidate for this program should have basic knowledge of HVAC and HVAC control systems. It is desirable that the candidate has some experience with designing, configuring, and/or installing DDC controls systems. The candidate should also be comfortable with the Microsoft Windows operating systems and be fluent in file management.

Each student needs a Windows 7 or newer PC with free USB port and a wired Ethernet connection. Many students also find it useful to bring an external mouse. Students must have administrative rights to their Windows account on their PC.  Google Chrome is recommended for use with IntelliFront software.

Special Accommodations

Please contact ASI Controls if you require auxiliary aids or services to have full participation and equal access to the facilities utilized for this training class.

Course Syllabus and Travel Information

April2020EssentialTraining [PDF]


Early registration pricing is available until April, 10 2020. Prices will increase after that date. 



chris shopeASI Controls is pleased to announce the hiring of Chris Shope as a new technical support representative.  Chris has worked in the controls and automation field since 1989 and has performed many roles – from field technical representative to project design and engineering, and project management.

Chris is a native of North Carolina and lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina with his wife Erin and their son Silas. Chris enjoys spending time with his family and time spent outdoors, particularly mountain biking in the beautiful mountains of his home state.

Chris started with ASI in early January and will work closely with Chris Jones until her retirement on February 7, 2020. Afterward, he will become the primary contact for technical support. Chris can be reached at or

Welcome Chris!

chris jones headshotChris Jones has announced will retirement from ASI Controls on Feb. 7, 2020 after seven years of service. Many know Chris as the voice on the other end of our technical support line or from some of our Essential Training courses. Chris has worked in the controls industry since 1980 and attended her first ASI Essential Training while working for ASCO Service in 2001.

Chris founded her own controls company in 2003 and was an ASI customer until 2011 before becoming an evangelist at EnOcean where she taught people how to deploy and troubleshoot their technology. She joined ASI in 2013 to help with technical assistance and quickly became a key member of the ASI staff.

“Chris became a core part of ASI from the moment she walked through the door. Her perspective and presence were invaluable in helping us grow as a company,” said Mike Fong, Chief Operations Officer. “Her customer-first attitude was always present in both her support role and with her input on product development. We will miss her but wish her well in her retirement.”\

Chris said that she has enjoyed her experiences in the industry and getting to know her extended ASI family. She plans to travel, fish, and spend time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Please join us in wishing Chris a happy retirement! Her last day will be Feb. 7, 2020.  ASI hired Chris Shope in early January to fulfill Chris Jones’ technical support role.

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Jack Floyd, VP Sales

ASI Controls is pleased to announce the hiring of Jack Floyd as its new Vice President of Sales. Jack joins ASI with more than 20 years of experience in building automation and mechanical contracting. His love of technology and engineering lead him into automation in the early 2000s where he has focused on helping building owners/operators to design, develop, and control their infrastructures since then.

Throughout his career, Jack has held roles in mechanical systems, service and repairs, programming, project and account management, and design. Jack has a wife and two daughters and is a native of North Carolina.  He loves anything outdoors including fishing, mountain biking, four wheeling, and sports.

Jack was recommended by Bill Messick to fill this role. Please join us in welcoming Jack to ASI Controls! He will assume his new role on June 3 and can be contacted at

ASIC/3-USB-IO Expander

ASI has released the USB-IO Expander from beta testing and made it available at production volume. The USB-IO Expander provides a low-cost, easy-to-implement IO expansion for the ASIC/3 programmable controller family. Powered solely by the host controller, the USB-IO allows users to immediately start using eight additional analog inputs, eight relay outputs, and four analog outputs. By connecting the Expander to an ASIC/3 controller, all the new inputs and outputs are automatically added to the host controller’s IO count. This new IO looks identical to the host’s native IO and is configured using Visual Expert.

A standard USB 2.0, A-Male to Mini-B cable carries both communications and power. This allows for easy implementation— saving wiring and installation costs. A second USB-IO Expander can be added with the use of a standard USB powered hub.

Log into your account or contact to purchase.