Energy Audits

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Energy Audits

We focus on whole building optimization. An engagement starts by analyzing your electric and gas bills to produce an initial Energy Report.

The Energy Report provides a basis for building owners and operators to better understand their current energy cost drivers and receive guidance on the cost-effective strategies to increase energy productivity in their facility.

After accessing 15 minute interval data from the utility and conducting one or more on-site energy audits we produce a detailed projection of energy savings and incentive availability to accurately estimate return on investment.

We assist customers with documentation and modeling to smooth the utility incentive application and fulfillment process.

We design and install the energy management system and integrate the building sequence of operations with any on-site generation options included in the project. Systems include detailed monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to ensure savings are sustained.

Lastly we participate in retro-commissioning to make sure customers consistently enjoy comfort and operational savings. ASI Energy

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