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Become a Value Added Reseller

At ASI Controls, we rely on our network of authorized resellers and integrators to deliver the same integrity, professionalism, and value to facility owners and operators that we at ASI Controls commit to deliver for our customers. Our commitment to quality and return on customer investment creates a strong value proposition when choosing an ASI Controls digital control solution configured and installed by knowledgeable, reliable resellers.

In return, we offer our integrators and resellers:

  • An opportunity to build a successful business by delivering reliable, durable, and cost-effective products to your customers.
  • An agnostic approach to front-end interfaces with a variety of options including JASIC N4, IntelliFront, and ASI Weblink
  • The ability to make competitive bids for new work and deliver to customers replacements and upgrades at a reasonable cost throughout the normal lifecycle of a building and its control system.
  • Longevity of the systems you sell, thanks to ASI’s emphasis on backward compatibility, which enables projects to utilize multiple generations of ASI Controls products to maximize return on investment from the building control system.
  • A direct relationship with us. When you call for support, you won’t get a computerized voice and a number, with no idea of how long you’ll wait for a callback. Instead, you’ll get a real person who will strive to take care of your need in a single call, whenever possible.
  • Our loyalty and respect for your business. The projects you secure are yours, and we won’t let anyone else from our network take them from you. In addition, since we are manufacturers only, you’ll never have to compete with us for your business. We don’t have our own factory shops, and we’ll never hold back products from you.

Become an OEM

OEM customers value the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and lifespan of our products—as well as our commitment to backward compatibility. Products released today are fully compatible with ASI products released since 1992. We add web interfaces, OpenADR, and other modern features to legacy systems to maximize value and ROI. We believe in upgrading the functionality of existing control system investments, we don’t obsolete our products.

ASI is also known for our industry-leading five-year limited warranty on ASIC controllers and core accessories and our responsive and personalized customer support.

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Why Choose ASI?


Save money with some of the lowest prices in the industry.


Rugged and durable, our products stand the test of time in the real world.


Avoid the cost, time and hassle of equipment replacement.


Questions answered quickly by our friendly support staff.