Niagara Integration

ASI Controls

Niagara Integration

ASI Controls is deeply committed to leading the BAS industry in interoperability. Our controls easily integrate with most other major controls lines including Niagara N4 and for a host of applications. By utilizing our N4 connector and our IntelliTASC configuration toolkit, system integrators can quickly deploy ASI Controls for a variety of applications in Tridium-based environments.

Why the JASIC Controllers?

  • Versatility and ease of integration. With over 100 different protocol drivers the JASIC device allows for seamless integration with access across a single user-level platform.
  • The ASI Tridium N4 driver legacy applications seamlessly integrate ASI legacy controls with the Tridium architecture
  • ASI IntelliTASC means autogenerated everything! Discover an ASIC/1 VAV controller and right-click to autogenerate wire sheets, alarms, histories, and graphics. No more folders to create, extensions to add, just right click and create. Custom TABS for easy viewing as well as Haystack Tags!
  • Deployability of the JASIC is not only fast but scalable. Use it on a single piece of equipment or on an Enterprise solution spanning over multiple buildings, sites, and cities in your network.

Easy Configuration with ASI IntelliTASC

The IntelliTASC Niagara module provides graphics configuration and management for ASIC/1 controllers.  IntelliTASC increases set up speed and configuration by allowing for:

  • Automatic addition of a complete set of device points specific to each controller’s programmed personality
  • Automatic Haystack tagging of points
  • Automatic configuration of PxView graphics page appropriate for each controller’s programmed personality
  • Automatic configuration of alarm and history for Zone Temperature
  • And many additional features

IntelliTASC will be available for ASIC/3 controllers in the near future.

Why Choose ASI?


Save money with some of the lowest prices in the industry.


Rugged and durable, our products stand the test of time in the real world.


Avoid the cost, time and hassle of equipment replacement.


Questions answered quickly by our friendly support staff.