ASI IntelliTASC Niagara Module

Automated Device Setup and Configuration Plug-in for Niagara Workbench

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ASI IntelliTASC Niagara Module


  • Automatic addition of points for selected control sequence
  • Automatic Haystack tagging of relevant points
  • Automatic configuration of PxView graphics matched to the control sequence
  • Automatic configuration of alarm and history for Zone Temperature
  • Automatic configuration of wire-sheet with point values, logic to control alarms and schedules, and convenience points
  • Use standard ASI templates, or customize the points, tags, graphics and other elements
  • Clone a device or stored configuration into other controllers
  • Air balance view enables balancing of WS-061 wall sensors
  • Can reset 1 or more controllers, including resets from a wire-sheet
  • Requires Niagara Workbench and IntelliTASC license


IntelliTASC is a Niagara automation tool that plugs into Tridium Workbench software to speed up installation and configuration of ASI Controls 1-series unitary pre-programmed controllers and 3-series programmable controllers on BACnet networks with a Niagara JASIC 8000 devices or Niagara Web Supervisor front end.

IntelliTASC saves time, right out of the box, by making Test & Balance, Alarm/Events, Scheduling, and Commissioning easier.  The tool can automatically create graphics for the control sequence displaying live data, add Haystack tags to points, create alarm annunciation events, link to existing schedules, streamline air balancing using the digital display on WS-061 wall sensors, and more. A controls technician in Workbench can easily pull a device configuration from their archive, or clone the configuration from a device on the local network, and apply this same configuration to 1 or more other devices.

A rich selection of 3D animated graphics is included to match pre-programmed control sequences or personalities in 1-series controllers, and users can also import their own custom graphics to replace or extend the standard graphics. A set of control and convenience points matched to each pre-programmed controller personality is provided with the tool, these templates can also be edited to match user preferences. Live data is displayed in table format on the graphics, the tables can be moved or adjusted as needed.

Licenses are issued by standard Tridium licensing mechanisms based on Host ID, and available exclusively through ASI Controls authorized resellers. A licensed copy of IntelliTASC is preloaded on all JASIC-8000 devices.

  • Niagara or later, Niagara 4.7 is supported
  • IntelliTASC license (obtain from ASI Controls Technical Support)
  • Haystack Dictionary (haystack-rt) installed
  • IntelliTASC handles 1-6100 VAV, 1-8100 RTU/FC, and 3-6115 airflow controllers
  • Runs in Workbench on a Jace8000 device or Niagara Supervisor instance



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