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ASI ANALYTICS, powered by PointGuard, is a dashboard-based analytics platform that provides a near real-time holistic view of HVAC assets. It allows service providers to develop an action plan to improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs. An intuitive interface allowing simple implementation and management. The platform focuses on condition-based predictive maintenance as opposed to more traditional fault-based detection in building systems. ASI Analytics aggregates historical building data in 15-minute intervals and then analyzes patterns in the data against current equipment conditions using a proprietary algorithm. The result is the ability to predict the likelihood of equipment failure.


  • A hardware-agnostic platform that connects with existing front-ends, such as IntelliFront or Niagara
  • Automates the retro-commissioning process using FDD algorithms to “walk the building” on a 24/7 basis and help drive savings
  • Allows for the execution of condition-based preventative and predictive maintenance, minimizing after-hours service calls and unplanned capital spending decisions
  • Offers a variety of portfolio-level reports and platform dashboards to facility service providers and their clients


  • Increase occupant comfort and long term mechanical asset health
  • Reduce energy use and energy costs
  • Better preventative maintenance and provide more efficient capital expenditures
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of building HVAC equipment
  • Reduce downtime and eliminate breakdowns
  • Enable remote work and remote building management

Use Cases

  • Office buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Medical facilities
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail and commercial spaces

Case Studies

Lincoln Harris Office Plaza- Charlotte NC

When Lincoln Harris took over management of the West Trade Building in 2018, they were eager to bring the building up to the high-performance standards of the rest of their portfolio. In February they started retrofitting the building HVAC equipment space by space and manually tuning the building with ‘low-hanging fruit’. In June they brought in PointGuard. With PointGuard installed, the software could look for all the small faults that contribute to building drift and long-term inefficiency, while continuing to retrofit the building floor by floor. Throughout 2018 and 2019 the building team continued to replace the equipment while keeping a watchful eye on the faults PointGuard was detecting.

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Financial Services HQ- South Carolina

This building initially proudly held an ENERGY STAR score in the 90’s. However, as can happen over the life of any facility, building drift dropped their
score into the 80s. Analytics helped to determine that four of their rooftop units were running 24/7. Correcting 24/7 and excessive runtime is one of the proven pathways that traditional commissioning uses to address issues of building drift and building performance. With PointGuard’s technology-enabled building commissioning, they were able to find these initial issues, and continue to monitor for excessive runtime over the life of the building.

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