A Commitment to Outstanding Value and Customer Service


ASI Controls manufactures BACnet direct digital controls (DDC) for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) and light industrial marketplace. Customers use our products to manage environmental conditions, monitor status of key systems and components, and optimize building energy use.

Our systems enable users to see current conditions and to receive notifications if components fail or conditions are unsatisfactory. Users can also remotely set schedules or adjust setpoints and temperatures in a web browser on their PC or mobile device. In short, we offer a powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-configure family of web-enabled, BTL-listed digital control products.

ASI Controls resellers and system integrators deliver solutions to meet energy management, building automation, HVAC and lighting control systems, and green building requirements. Building owners and operators value our reliability, unparalleled flexibility in configuration, price performance, customer support, and extensive interoperability with BACnet, OPC, or legacy protocol controls from other manufacturers. OEM customers have incorporated ASI controllers into heat pump, chiller, refrigeration case and other applications.

At ASI, we are uniquely committed to backwards compatibility. Products released today are fully compatible with ASI products released since 1992. To maximize our customers’ return on investment, we add web interfaces, OpenADR and other modern features to legacy systems. Because we believe in upgrading functionality of existing control system investments, we don’t allow our products to become obsolete.

Other ASI advantages include a five-year limited warranty on ASIC controllers and core accessories, strong customer support and unparalleled reliability and product lifespan.

Our Mission

The mission of ASI Controls is to manufacture reliable and long-lasting digital control products. We support knowledgeable partners delivering ASI-based solutions to maximize value through innovation, backwards compatibility and lifetime support.

Our Commitment

  • ASI Controls is committed to healthy, productive reseller and OEM customer partnerships.
  • We are committed to an industry-leading five-year warranty on products we manufacture, with comprehensive and accessible support and a unique promise of backwards compatibility among product generations to maximize customer value.
  • We are committed to BACnet solutions, innovations in networking, and energy-cost optimization, including OpenADR.

Our Experience

For 30 years, qualified resellers, system integrators and OEM customers have applied their domain expertise to create powerful and dependable automated control solutions built on ASI Controls products.

Solutions range from small applications, such as OEM control of a chiller, AHU or other mechanical equipment; through mid-size applications, such as building automation systems on a single controller or network of controllers; up to very large systems with thousands of networked controllers integrating equipment and devices from many vendors using BACnet™, OPC™, and Modbus protocols.

Why Choose ASI?


Save money with some of the lowest prices in the industry.


Rugged and durable, our products stand the test of time in the real world.


Avoid the cost, time and hassle of equipment replacement.


Questions answered quickly by our friendly support staff.