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ASI Controls was founded in 1986 to apply networked microprocessor technology to energy management and control systems in buildings. Today ASI Controls manufactures hardware and software to meet digital control requirements across a variety of markets and applications. ASI Controls HVAC and lighting control systems are designed, configured and installed by ASI Controls authorized Value-Added Resellers (VARs) across North and South America and the Pacific Rim. ASI controllers are also embedded in equipment by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

In addition to designing and manufacturing robust and reliable terminal unit and freely programmable digital controllers and software, we also provide Niagara AX control solutions featuring embedded web servers, along with accessory products. ASI Controls is commited to customer success, providing a combination of performance and value unique in the digital control systems industry.

ASIC/2 configurable controllers are capable of supervisory and network control functions, as well as exceptionally flexible and powerful standalone control. ASIC/1 pre-programmed controllers provides hardware for common HVAC applications, with personalities suited to control of VAVs, packaged units, heat pumps, fan coils and other equipment. ASI Controls also provides software for developing web-capable front ends, intuitive drag-and-drop configuration, PDA-based configuration and diagnostics, alarm and event monitoring and notification, and telephone-based afterhours tenant overrides with billing and invoicing. HVAC Controls, energy management company, industrial energy management, building automation companies, industrial control systems, energy control system, energy management consultants, energy demand management, automated building control systems

ASI Controls is proud to support the goals of the US EPA Energy Star program. EnergyStar is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals save energy costs and protect our environment through superior energy efficiency. We are committed to educating our customers about the opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency, and to promote the adoption of technologies and processes to reduce energy intensity in buildings and facilities using ASI Controls systems.

Award winning projects completed by ASI resellers and integrators include

Value Added Resellers

Value-added Resellers combine their system integration and engineering experience with ASI Controls complete line of digital control products to control HVAC systems in facilities. ASI Controls are featured in energy management and control solutions for retail properties, utilities, commercial real estate, educational campuses, medical facilities, and military bases. Customers include 2 of the top 3 US cellular carriers, Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government and landmark commercial properties, including the BOMA Large Buildings of the Year for 1994 and 1998. Read more about becoming an ASI Authorized VAR on our website, or submit your details for ASI Controls to contact you.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEM customers incorporate ASI controllers in applications such as A/C units, chillers, air handlers, unit ventilators, air distribution, cooling towers, refrigeration equipment, specialty instrumentation, and monitoring equipment. Find out more about our OEM program here. ASI Controls is ready to be your reliable, cost-effective provider of high-performance HVAC control products. Contact us at

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