Reliable, Affordable Energy Management Solutions


Reliable, Affordable Energy Management Solutions

ASI Controls offers direct digital control solutions for a wide range of needs, including telecommunication, commercial, industrial, educational, institutional and governmental. Many buildings tend to run with less than optimal energy intensity. Energy management systems (EMS) from ASI Controls optimizes building energy use through:

  • Automated climate control, with energy-saving features such as demand limiting, load shedding, optimum start, and Modbus for control of VFDs and other energy-efficient devices.
  • Browser-based monitoring of key systems and components, with status of current conditions, notification if components fail or conditions are unsatisfactory, and the ability to remotely set schedules and adjust setpoints and temperatures.
  • Verifiable, persistent energy cost savings, which help to lower O&M expenses and maximize ROI on capital equipment.

If rates or tariffs provide sufficient incentives to limit total peak demand, the EMS can use staggered start, soft start and other measures to limit the facility’s peak load. An EMS can also maximize equipment lifespan by balancing runtimes among units.

The ASI Controls solution offers one unified front end that covers all your needs:

  • Controllers with Modbus RTU master capability to read and control Modbus devices
  • BACnet/IP interface ties ASI systems into BACnet front ends
  • ODBC read/write capability to integrate control system data into other systems
  • OPC-client HMI for open interoperability
  • WebLink, which can host other building control systems’ web servers using HTTP iFrame

Backwards Compatibility Saves You Money and Time

One of the most outstanding features of ASI Controls equipment is our commitment to backwards compatibility. Products released today are fully compatible with ASI products released since 1992. We add web interfaces, OpenADR and other modern features to legacy systems to maximize value and ROI. Unlike most other direct digital control companies, we believe in upgrading functionality of existing control system investments, so we never allow our products to become obsolete.

Proven Quality and Versatility

ASI Controls system System Integrators have configured and installed ASI hardware and software to meet digital control requirements in thousands of commercial buildings, shopping malls, equipment shelters, and many other types of facilities worldwide. Building automation solutions available through authorized ASI Controls resellers are primarily focused on an energy management control system of heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and lighting.

Other applications include:

  • Control of OEM equipment, such as chillers, VAV boxes, boilers, rooftop and penthouse units, and other large equipment
  • Integrating access control and DVR technologies into a single, unified building front end
  • Light industrial automation, including control of Yokogawa DVR PLCs using OPC
  • Irrigation control
  • Refrigeration and cold storage
  • Automated management of remote, standalone facilities
  • And many other applications.

ASI Controls delivers interoperability through support for Modbus and OPC. Leveraging the power of OPC as the industry standard protocol for process control, ASI Controls’ WebLink HMI software is used to create front ends for OPC-compliant systems from a variety of manufacturers.

ASI customers are always creating new solutions to meet new and/or evolving control requirements, relying on the power and flexibility of ASI Controls products to enable them to cost-effectively complete the project.

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