Building owners can now fine tune the efficiency of building’s HVAC system with the release of the new Damper Position Feedback feature for the ASIC/1-6100-DFA. Damper Position Feedback on our integrated Belimo actuators allows for precise determination of the exact damper position.

Using a 0-10VDC or 4-to 20 MA signals from either the actuator or as part of a control sequence, building managers can see damper positions in real time and visualize those positions from a front end system, such as ASI IntelliFront.

One of the major benefits of Damper Position Feedback is its advanced fault detection. In large buildings, such as a hospital, which may utilize hundreds of valves or actuators, the process of troubleshooting a fault can take weeks to accomplish. A technician must visually confirm the position of each damper to locate the issue. Utilizing Damper Position Feedback, a controls operator can pinpoint the problem from their desktop.

For buildings which use ASI IntelliFront, the controls operator can verify damper positions from their phone before even arriving on site.

The ASIC/1-6100-DFA with Damper Position Feedback is available through the

We need room for new inventory! For a limited time, we will discount our remaining stock of the BACnet only version of our ASIC/1-6100 unitary controllers. The controller allows digital control of pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV), and Fan-Powered VAV terminal units.

This sale does not apply to the dual protocol version of the ASIC/1-6100. Contact a member of our sales department to order before we run out!

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ASI recently completed a promotional video touting the new IntelliFront building management interface and has added IntelliFront Product Information [PDF] to the website.

For the uninitiated, ASI IntelliFront is our next-generation building management interface. IntelliFront creates a seamless and full-featured system experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The configure-once and reuse approach makes building custom graphics, navigation, data point information, histories, alarms, and schedules incredibly fast and easy. IntelliFront uses the latest industry and commercial protocols including REST interfaces and Haystack tagging, which means it is ready for the cloud and IoT applications.

A special thank you to J2 Innovations for their assistance with creating the video and for their continued partnership in making IntelliFront such a huge success. To learn more about integrating IntelliFront in to your next project, contact a member of our sales team!