We are excited to offer new graphics packages for WebLink provided by BASGraphics.com. These new graphics enable you to assemble a custom AHU, RTU, unitary device, heat pump, or AAON-type rooftop, or to layout a custom Central Plant. The libraries include a mix of large background pieces like housings and enclosures along with smaller components like coils, pipes, fans, pumps, etc. The housings and components in a package can be fit together in any order or orientation.

The graphics match those offered by BASGraphics.com for JASIC Open Systems (Tridium) devices, enabling a consistent look for front ends served by ASI WebLink software, JASIC devices with embedded UI, or by JASIC Web Supervisor front end software.

These optional WebLink graphics libraries are licensed by project. You specify a project name along with a PO at the time of purchase, and each project requires its own license. You can use a graphics package on multiple computers provided the project name matches. To make it easy to get started you can buy one engineering copy for development computers and later apply the cost of the engineering license to your first customer project.

We provide a tool to convert graphics created under one license to a different license so you can re-use graphics from project to project, or transfer graphics from an engineering development machine to the WebLink server at a customer project site.

The BASMaker package combines all four of the AHU, RTU, Unitary, and Heat Pump libraries in one license.

See this YouTube video for additional information on the new graphics packages.

These low resolution of thumbnails provide a preview of the 3D graphics, the actual images in the library are sharp and clear.

These optional libraries contain PNG format graphics for a sharp look along with compact file sizes.  You can order graphics packages for use with either ASI WebLink or JASIC Open Systems from ASI Controls.

AHU Maker



We are pleased to announce availability of a new pre-assembled enclosure for power monitoring applications. By working with meter provider DENT Instruments we can offer convenient single invoice ordering of their Modbus power meter along with a pre-assembled compatible power monitoring panel as a single ASI Controls product. The new ENC-KWMON panel comes with a DENT PowerScout3 power meter along with RoCoil “rope” current transformers or CT’s.

The ENC-KWMON panel is not a UL-listed product. The NEMA-1 enclosure and ASIC/2-8540 controller inside are UL-listed components and the power meter and CT’s are UL-recognized components. The ENC-KWMON product is assembled in the USA.

Each power monitoring panel includes:

  • ASIC/2-8540 controller configured to communicate with a DENT Instruments PowerScout3 power meter using Modbus RTU protocol
  • EtherLink/3 serial-to-Ethernet router for network connectivity
  • DENT Instruments PowerScout3 Modbus power meter (unmounted)
  • Three (3) 16” RoCoil CT’s with 5” opening, 25-3500A rating
  • Terminations for 110V, 24V, and RS485
  • Transformer and 120V AC outlet
  • 20″x18″x6″ NEMA-1 steel enclosure

The power monitoring ASIC2 and WebLink templates are provided as a convenient training example and educational aid, free of charge. ASI Controls resellers can download the ASI WebLink front end template, as well as the ASIC/2 controller configuration that supports communication with a DENT Instruments PowerScout3 power meter, from the Integrator Center. No purchase is necessary to download these templates.

More information on the DENT Instruments PowerScout series of power meters and convenient, flexible RoGowski-style CT’s is available from the DENT Instruments website. DENT Instruments recommends each reseller working with their meters purchase one communications toolkit which includes a custom USB cable that connects the power meter to your PC, along with DENT Instruments Viewpoint software. The communications toolkit is invaluable in the event you have to troubleshoot a meter, or want to look at data from the meter outside of an ASI Controls interface.

For sites with BACnet front ends the ENC-KWMON-BAC with an RS-485 BACnet MS/TP interface is available. You can also special order panels that include RoCoil CT’s with longer leads, split-core CT’s, and high accuracy split-core mini-CT (5A rating) suitable for monitoring individual pieces of equipment.

The new ASIC/2-8540-BAC configurable controller offers BACnet MS/TP communication in an advanced ASIC2 configurable controller. The controller has the same footprint as the ASIC/2-8540 with the addition of an MS/TP interface with screw terminals
for landing the BACnet network communications wire.

Sharing the same footprint as an ASIC/2-8540 this BACnet controller includes 8 universal inputs (multiplex to 32 digital), 8 binary outputs, and 4 analog outputs. The device includes an onboard clock and battery.

The ASIC/2-8540-BAC is a BACnet slave device, a control system requiring BACnet
master or network supervisory functionality would use a JASIC controller.
An ASIC/2-8540-BAC datasheet can be downloaded from our website.

ASIC/1-6000 BACnet VAV controller
ASIC/1-6000 BACnet VAV controller


ASIC/1-6000 BACnet VAV controller

The new ASIC/1-6100 VAV controller with BACnet MS/TP capability and UL listing is now available. The ASIC/1-6100 shares the same enclosure and integrated actuator as the ASIC/1-6000 VAV controller. It is programmed using ASI Visual Expert software, but you will need to download and install an updated ASIC1.mdb in order to recognize the new device. This BACnet VAV controller features the same control sequences as the ASIC/1-6000 VAV controller, and is compatible with the same sensors as other ASIC/1 controllers. If ASIC/1-6100 controllers are installed on a sub-network of a JASIC (Tridium JACE) device then the JASIC should have a BACnet-IP driver enabled so that ASI Expert will be able to reach the 6100’s by tunneling through the JASIC controller on BACnet-IP. You will need Visual Expert version 3.4 or higher to communicate with the ASIC/1-6100. An ASIC/1-6100 datasheet can be downloaded from the Integrator Center, or from the web page for the new product. We will start the BTL testing process this year, and expect certification may take approximately a year to complete.

The new EtherLink/3 serial-to-Ethernet router connects an ASI Controls network or controller to the Internet, a WAN or a local-area network. In the event of a temporary network outage the device stores alarm/event notifications and trend data for transmission when network connectivity is restored. The device also provides SNTP timekeeping and synchronization services, and offers connectivity through both a TCP/IP and a UDP connection on one IP port.

The EtherLink/3 is conveniently configured using an embedded web server. For added convenience, the firmware can also be Flash upgraded by connecting to the device with a browser. Otherwise the EtherLink/3 looks and acts like the older EtherLink/2 device it replaces.

Different editions of ASI WebLink 3 include LocalNetNet Plus, and Enterprise.

WebLink Local is for applications where you only want to access the front end from a single console, for example at the computer running WebLink on a job site.

WebLink Net adds the ability to access the front end from anywhere on a network, for example in a web browser over the Internet

WebLink Net Plus adds monitoring and automated alarm and event notification to the Net edition.

ASI WebLink provides a 30 day evaluation license version of WebLink Net Plus.

Out of the box both Net and Net Plus support access for a single network user.

If 2 or more users will simultaneously access WebLink over a network you should purchase additional Net Connect 1 (+1 user) licenses. There is a limit of 4 licensed user connections for WebLink Net and Net Plus editions.

WebLink Enterprise has all the funcationality of Net Plus, along with other special features specially suited for networked sites such as Netcasting functionality.

Netcasting allows you to make changes to a single controller or site, and automatically copy the same changes to all other controllers on the network, or to a subset of those controllers.

Out of the box the Enterprise version supports 1 network user. You can optionally add Net Connect 1 and/or Net Connect 3 licenses, up to a limit of 10 licensed user connections.