ASI Controls has announced an agreement with Charlotte, NC-based, PointGuard Analytics, to offer advanced building analytics to ASI’s line of system and VAV controllers. The partnership marks an expansion of ASI Controls’ effort to provide deeper insight into building system performance.

ASI Analytics, powered by PointGuard, delivers on-demand intelligence into building systems and visualizes opportunities to reduce operating costs through predictive maintenance. The aim is to give service providers and building managers an at-a-glance view of their building status and help to identify opportunities for long-term capital expenditure reduction and energy savings.

ASI will begin offering ASI Analytics as a two-tiered annual subscription program beginning in August 2021 and will announce additional information about the platform soon.

ASI Controls has added the ability to back up a controller via SD card as a new feature to ASIC/3 controllers running firmware version 3.5 or later. When the controller starts up the device’s configuration will be automatically saved to the SD card and update as changes are saved in ASI Visual Expert.

If an SD card-compatible device requires replacement, a technician only needs to install the card from the original controller in the new controller, power up the device, and then hold the service button for ten seconds. This will load the last saved .ASI file to the new controller.

ASI will begin shipping ASIC/3 controllers with SD cards in the next few weeks.

Please contact with any questions.


As you may be aware, the ongoing pandemic has created a global shortage of semiconductors that has affected many industries. As a result, we have been advised by our suppliers to expect longer than normal lead times and modest price increases on select ACI and Niagara products. We’re doing our best to absorb some of the cost increases and mitigate lead times as much as we can. We advise that you please plan your projects accordingly. Please contact with any questions.

ACI and Niagara price increases will go into effect on August 1.

ASI will honor current pricing on all ACI and Niagara projects through September 1 on any project registered in ASI University. 

Niagara products affected – JACE 8000 – Edge 10 – I/O Modules – Expansion Modules – ACI products affected

Price increases

  • A/DLP Series Pressure Transmitters
  • A/MLP2 Series Pressure Transmitters
  • A/TT100, A/TTM100, A/TT1K, and A/TTM1K Series Temperature Transmitters
  • A/FLS Series Freeze Stats
  • A/GP Series Pressure Transmitters
  • AFS Series Pressure Switches

Products with extended lead times

  • AFS pressure switches: 2-3 weeks
  • Averaging sensors (flexible and copper): 3-4 weeks
  • RH/TEMP combination sensors: 5-6 weeks
  • Temp transmitters: 5-6 weeks
  • NIST devices: 7-8 weeks