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Intelligent Networking {IN}TM

ASI Controls Officially Announces its Intelligent Networking {IN} Initiative with release of IntelliFront™

In Brief:

ASI Controls officially announces its Intelligent Networking {IN}™ initiative with the release of the ASI Controls IntelliFront™ product as the first product in the {IN}™ lineup.

Partner Benefits:

  • IntelliFront™ provides a scalable, mobile-responsive, front end with cutting edge IoT features.
  • IntelliFront™ works with both BACnet devices and ASI legacy protocol devices (driver in beta, release date Q1-2018).
  • Intelligent Networking [IN]™ reduces time and effort to deploy, commission, and manage building automation solutions.
  • The [IN]™ initiative is focused on creating solutions that are easier and faster for resellers to deploy.

End-User Benefits:

  • Advanced mobile- and future-ready front-end that brings more features, including Cloud and IoT readiness to new and existing installations.
  • IntelliFront™ provides a clean, professional, and easy-to-navigate software solution that can work for multiple needs from service technicians to building owners and managers.
  • ASI Controls hardware and software utilizing {IN}™ concepts provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) solution creating a future-ready installation while keeping ASI Controls renowned track record for ruggedness and reliability.

More Details:

In 2017 ASI Controls launched its new Intelligent Network {IN}™ initiative to develop a software and hardware platforms that allow for faster innovation while keeping our commitment to maintaining backward compatibility – both of which are vital to our commitment to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to our resale partners and the building automation customers.

Because backward compatibility and commitment to legacy devices are so important, ASI Controls has held off from major IntelliFront™ announcements until ASI legacy connectivity was officially completed. ASI Controls has been actively selling IntelliFront™ with BACnet only as part of its initial soft-launch while beta testing the ASI legacy connector integration.

Customers who have attended the new ASI Controls Essentials training that incorporates IntelliFront™ (instead of Weblink) can purchase BACnet version of IntelliFront™ today and opt-into the ASI Legacy Connector field testing. The official release of IntelliFront™ with complete BACnet and ASI protocol connectivity as standard is planned for January 2018.

Existing customers can also attend our 4 day IntelliFront Training classes to become certified.

About {IN}™ and IntelliFront™

Continuing in the pioneering tradition of its founders, ASI Controls announced its Intelligent Networking {IN}™ initiative that seeks to provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) building automation solution and platform for its resale partners and customers.  The {IN}™ focus is designed to continue making the installation, configuration, commissioning, maintenance, monitoring, and updating of building automation solutions as quick and easy as possible through intelligent hardware, software, and automation. IntelliFront™ represents the first product in the {IN}™ lineup.

About ASI Controls

ASI Controls pioneered the direct digital controls (DDC) architecture for HVAC building automation over 30 years ago, and has remained dedicated to its family-like relationship with its network of resale partners. ASI Controls continues to innovate, while remaining committed to its core brand values of providing the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) solutions, and being the most dedicated to the overall success of its partners.

ASI IntelliFront

ASI IntelliFront

For more Information, please visit the ASI IntelliFront page on Partner Portal here.

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