BACnet Supervisor Controller (15 I/O)

BTL B-BC certified; 8 Universal Inputs, 5 TRIAC + 2 Analog outputs

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BACnet Supervisor Controller (15 I/O)


  • 32-bit ARM9 processor
  • RS-485 port ASI or BACnet MSTP communication
  • Compatible with Intellifront, ASI WebLink & Niagara
  • USB Host and USB Device Service Port
  • 8 Universal 0-10Vdc Inputs
  • 5 Binary TRIAC Outputs
  • 2 Analog 0-10Vdc Outputs
  • Supports WS-061 wall sensor
  • Optional Integrated SMI Airflow Sensors


The 3-6115 programmable controller features 15 Input/Output points, Ethernet connectivity, BACnet IP to MS/TP routing, BTL BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) certification, a Modbus RTU Master interface, and support for the WS-061 digital display wall sensor.

The controller can run standalone, supervise a sub-network of devices, and/or seamlessly integrate to Niagara JASIC 8000 supervisors, Niagara Web Supervisor, ASI Intellifront or other BACnet front ends. Commonly applied in solutions including control of mechanical equipment such as a Boiler or Make-Up Air Unit, and to supervision of sub-networks of unitary controllers for VAV boxes, rooftop AC units or similar terminal unit applications.

The RS-485 port can network multiple downstream devices using BACnet MS/TP at standard baud rates up to 115,200 bps.  Red and green LEDs indicate the controller’s receive and transmit communications.

A wide range of objects support intuitive graphical programming of custom control sequences using ASI Visual Expert software, including scheduling, logic, PID control, alarming, optimum start, trending, run-time accumulation, and electrical demand management.

A switching power supply provides for AC operation, and flash memory is used for program and data storage so it is retained through power system loss. Firmware can be upgraded using ASI Visual Expert or by inserting a USB flash drive into the USB host port. The device features a full-speed 12 Mbps USB Device connection for service in the field. An RJ45 jack compatible with SCP cables and WS-series wall sensors offers speedy installation.

The supervisory controller is mounted on a metal base (MB versions) for easy mounting to a back-plane; various models for VAV/VVT, Dual-Duct and other airflow applications with integrated actuator and enclosure are also available.