The new compact fully-programmable BACnet controller

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  • 32-bit ARM9 processor
  • RS-485 port ASI or BACnet MSTP communication
  • Compatible with Intellifront, ASI WebLink & Niagara
  • USB Host and USB Device Service Port
  • 8 Universal 0-10Vdc Inputs
  • 5 Binary TRIAC Outputs
  • 2 Analog 0-10Vdc Outputs
  • Supports WS-061 wall sensor
  • Optional Integrated SMI Airflow Sensors


The ASIC/3-6115 BACnet programmable controller combines the proven functionality of an ASI terminal controller with the full power of the ASIC/3 object based system controllers.

The ASIC/3-6115 provides the full range of ASIC/3 software objects for developing custom control sequences, and support for the WS-061 wall sensor.  It has a switching power supply for AC operation and flash memory for program and data storage.  Firmware is easily upgradable using ASI Visual Expert or by inserting a USB flash drive into the USB host port.

The controller is easily configured using ASI Visual Expert configuration software that links ready-made objects including scheduling, logic, PID control, alarming, optimum start, trending, run-time accumulation, and electrical demand management. The ASIC/3 has a software clock and allows special events, holidays, and schedules to be defined in advance.  Configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory that is retained through power system loss.

The ASIC/3-6115 controller has an RS-485 port that is used to network multiple ASIC/3 controllers via ASI protocol or can optionally support BACnet MS/TP.  No central system is needed to supervise the controller. Red and green LEDs indicate the controller’s receive and transmit communications.

The ASIC/3 can operate as part of a larger communicating control network.  The ASIC/3 also   features a full-speed 12 Mbps USB Device connection for service in the field. The RS-485 connection supports ASI protocol baud rates up to 38,400 bps, and standard BACnet MSTP baud rates up to 76,800 bps.

The controller can send notify messages through the RS-485 bus to a computer running ASI Weblink software.  Temperatures, setpoints, and other controller data may be easily reported to ASI WebLink, Niagara, Intellifront, or other supervisory software.