Programmable VAV Controller and Actuator

BTL B-BC certified; 8 Universal Inputs, 5 TRIAC + 2 Analog outputs

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Programmable VAV Controller and Actuator


  • 8 Universal 0-10Vdc Inputs
  • 5 Binary TRIAC Outputs
  • 2 Analog 0-10Vdc Outputs
  • RJ-45 jack for WS- series wall sensors
  • Onboard calibrated airflow sensor
  • Dual-Duct model with 2 onboard airflow sensors
  • Pressure-dependent model with no airflow sensor
  • In ABS enclosure with actuator, or standalone on metal base
  • Belimo actuator with optional position feedback
  • BACnet MS/TP (RS-485) up to 115,200 bps


The 3-6115 BTL B-BC certified BACnet controller offers up to 2 onboard calibrated airflow sensors for VAV, VVT and other airflow applications, along with the powerful 3-series object-oriented graphical programming platform to implement complex control sequences. This programmable airflow controller is typically applied for variable air volume control in a BACnet network with a JASIC 8000 device, Niagara Web Supervisor, ASI Intellifront or other front end software. The 3-6115 features plug-in compatibility with WS-series wall sensors including the WS-061 digital display model.

An RS-485 port can host a sub-network of controllers communicating using standard BACnet-MS/TP baud rates up to 115,200 bps. Red and green LEDs indicate the controller’s receive and transmit communications. As a BTL B-BC certified BACnet Building Controller it can supervise a local network or be integrated to a JASIC-8000, Niagara Web Supervisor, ASI IntelliFront or other BACnet front end that serves as the supervisor.

In 3-6115 VAV models, the control board is mounted in a Belimo ABS enclosure with integrated Belimo actuator; versions with Belimo damper position feedback actuators are also available. Wiring is included to drive the actuator, and for position feedback input on applicable models. Airflow tubes are installed connecting the sensor to barbs exposed on the outside of the enclosure for quick coupling. The VAV controller is mounted directly on the VAV box being controlled, connected to the damper shaft.

Dual-duct models feature 2 calibrated onboard airflow sensors, and a standalone metal base version is available for retrofit applications.

The device has a switching power supply for AC operation and flash memory for program and data storage.  The controller has a software clock and allows special events, holidays, and schedules to be defined in advance.  Configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory that is retained through power system loss.

Firmware is easily upgradable using ASI Visual Expert or by inserting a USB flash drive into the USB host port. The controller is easily configured using ASI Visual Expert configuration software that links ready-made objects including scheduling, logic, PID control, alarming, optimum start, trending, run-time accumulation, and electrical demand management. A full-speed 12 Mbps USB Device connection offers fast, convenient serviceability options in the field.

The 3-6115 family of programmable VAV controllers offers an unsurpassed range of models to fit a wide variety of application specific control solutions.