Telco Solutions

Telco Solutions

Telco Envirotrols, Inc.

Manufacturer’s Representative Telco Envirotrols, Inc. provides solutions to 3 of the top 5 US telco companies

Since 1995, Sprint has utilized ASI Controls on installations throughout the U.S. In 2000, ASI Controls was named Sprint’s Vendor of Choice for its Central Offices. Over 1400 Sprint facilities have utilized ASI Controls technology to reduce energy consumption and monitor equipment.

Telco Envirotrols, Inc. is the manufacture’s representative for Sprint LTD. Sprint Network Logistics named Telco Envirotrols, Inc. its 2003 Vendor of the Year for outstanding service provided to Sprint LTD.

Telco Envirotrols continues to expand the value of ASI Controls products by monitoring DC power loads as well as controlling and monitoring generators by using ASI Monitor software. The systems consist of an ASI Telco Panel that initiates alarms either via a dial-out modem, or over Sprint’s Intranet using an ASI EtherLink. ASI Monitor.NET includes a built-in web server that allows mechanics to acknowledge and clear their building alarms. After logging in, building operation users can view active alarm summaries and historical alarm reports over the LAN/WAN and Internet using Microsoft’s standard web browser, Internet Explorer.

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Other ASI resellers also provide Telco solutions internationally.  There are currently 2,000 buildings in the US and over 700 buildings in Latin America relying on ASI Controls solutions.