Statement on Siemens acquisition of J2 Innovations

 Statement on Siemens acquisition of J2 Innovations

You may have heard about Siemens buying J2 Innovations this week, and because J2 is the OEM provider for the framework that ASI Controls IntelliFront front end software is built on we wanted to share some information about this event with you.

J2 Innovations will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary, with no changes in their visionary leadership team and no restrictions on their ability to provide OEM solutions. They will benefit from having more resources available to continue development of the framework that makes IntelliFront the most efficient, scalable and effective front end on the market. Near-term priorities include a distributed architecture that enables new Cloud-based features and increased support for OEM partners like ASI Controls.

We remain committed to IntelliFront and will continue both promoting IntelliFront and releasing innovative new features and enhancements.

What does this mean for ASI Controls?

We do not anticipate any major changes. J2 remains committed to our OEM partnership, and we remain committed to making IntelliFront the best front end in the industry.

Can I still purchase IntelliFront licenses and upgrades through ASI Controls?

Yes. Customers will be able to buy IntelliFront licenses and upgrades without interruption.

Will ASI continue to support IntelliFront?

Yes, you can expect the same outstanding support we always strive for.

Where can I get IntelliFront training and certification?

IntelliFront training and certification are available through ASI Controls. The ASI fundamentals course (Essential Training) features IntelliFront, and we will add Advanced Training in the future.

Will there be new features in IntelliFront?

Yes. Completing the roll out of the ASI protocol connector for IntelliFront continues to be a major priority, and Automated Commissioning is coming soon.

Will ASI continue to support both IntelliFront and the JASIC Open Systems line?

ASI remains committed to giving you a range of options to best meet customer needs, including IntelliFront on the J2 framework and JASIC Open Systems on Tridium’s Niagara Framework.

In the last few years J2 Innovations has significantly raised the bar for control system front-ends. Their acquisition is a testament to the market leadership position they established through relentless innovation guided by deep industry knowledge. The framework J2 provides puts IntelliFront customers in pole position as the pace of technology changes in our industry continues to accelerate. We look forward to adding more value and features to IntelliFront in the months and years to come.