Weblink Appliance


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Weblink Appliance


  • Embedded web server front end and configuration interface
  • Scheduled email delivery of CSV report data
  • Quiet (fanless) with 32 GB Intel SSD, PowerFail technology
  • Software loaded and licensed, just upload your project
  • Includes BAS-ROUTE BACnet router


The ASI WebLink BAS Appliance is a small, discrete embedded web server device that provides both an ASI WebLink front end and an ASI Visual Expert software configuration interface for ASI Controls networks or standalone controllers. The small form factor (approx. 8x6x2 inches) and packaging enable the device to hide in plain sight so service providers can potentially avoid common issues when a BAS server computer is inappropriately used for general computing purposes.

The WebLink BACnet BAS Appliance comes bundled with a BAS-ROUTE BACnet router for convenient network connectivity.

The WebLink Scheduled Reports module is pre-installed so that users can subscribe to receive automated email delivery of reports data in CSV format.

A network jack is provided for wired high speed network connections and optional WiFi networking is supported via USB.

The device is small and easy to setup, it can be installed and fully operational in minutes. Remote configuration of ASI devices is supported through a Windows Remote Desktop connection to the WebLink BAS Appliance, or via your own client such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, RemoteAssist, etc.

A power supply and wall mounting bracket are both included.