Micro-SINC Portable

USB System Interface

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Micro-SINC Portable


  • micro-SINC USB System Interface
  • USB Device Host cable (6 ft)
  • RJ-12 6-6 curly cable (10 ft)
  • RJ12 to RJ-45 adapter
  • Cat 5 8-8 cable (1 ft)
  • rubber feet for metal enclosure


The micro-SINC is a portable communication tool primarily used to program and adjust ASIC/1 controllers. It includes a standard USB cable for connection to a laptop or PC. Communication lights show the status of Rx and Tx to simplify troubleshooting.

The micro-SINC includes RJ12 connector and the “curly cable” used to connect to WT and WS wall sensors as well as robust screw terminals so that the micro-SINC USB System Interface device can be connected to a network wherever required for set-up and troubleshooting.

The unit may also be used as the workstation connection to an ASI System.

Power is provided by the USB connection.