Portable System Interface

USB System Interface

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Portable System Interface


  • micro-SINC USB System Interface
  • USB Device Host cable (6 ft)
  • RJ-12 6-6 curly cable (10 ft)
  • RJ-12 to RJ-45 adapter
  • Cat 5 8-8 cable (1 ft)
  • rubber feet for metal enclosure


The MicroSINC is a portable communication tool used to connect ASI Visual Expert configuration software to ASI networks. It is typically used in the field to configure 1-series pre-programmed terminal unit controllers after connecting to the controller through an associated wall sensor. Lights on the device front panel show the status of Receive and Transmission during communications to simplify troubleshooting. The device is powered by the USB connection, no external power source is needed.

The MicroSINC package includes a standard USB cable for connection to a laptop or PC. The MicroSINC package also includes an RJ-45 to RJ-12 converter and a coiled cable with ends that plug directly into WT- and WS- series wall sensors. The MicroSINC unit also features robust screw terminals for sites with wired connections, providing both types of interface so the device can be connected to any network to assist with solution set-up and troubleshooting.

The unit may also be used to provide a workstation connection to an ASI System.