IntelliFi Wireless Module

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IntelliFi Wireless Module


  • Easy Wireless Connectivity
  • BACnet/IP and ASI Protocols Supported
  • USB Powered
  • Plug-and-Play Connectivity
  • Power, Transmit, Receive and Signal Strength Indicators LEDs
  • Omni-directional Antenna Included
  • Airborne Particle and Water Spray Resistant, Suitable for Harsh/Outdoor Environments
  • Compatible with ASIC/3 Products
  • Attached 6ft USB-A Cable
  • Rugged Dust and Water Spray Resistant Mountable Enclosure


The ASIC-IntelliFi is a rapidly deployable RF adapter that provides optional wireless networking connectivity to the ASIC/3 line of programmable supervisory controllers.  The ASIC-IntelliFi adapter utilizes the proven infrastructure of IEEE 802.11 WiFi networks. The RF transceiver is packaged in a rugged polycarbonate enclosure that can withstand the rigors of essentially any commercial or industrial building environment. The ASIC-IntelliFi features a 3-inch omni-directional antenna that can tilt and rotate to provide broad 360° coverage.  A 6ft long USB-A plug facilitates communication and power when plugged into an ASIC/3 controller.  The USB cable may be extended up to a maximum of 5 meters (16 ft 5 in).  Once connected to an ASIC/3 the WiFi adapter can be easily configured via Visual Expert configuration software and join existing 802.11b/g/n infrastructures.