BACnet Thermostat

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  • 2- or 4-pipe with manual or auto-changeover (-FC)
  • Large backlit LCD for visibility, °F or °C display
  • Model for control of Heat Pumps also available
  • Up to 2 Cooling and 2 Heating stage
  • Supports 2-wire, 3-wire, or 3+2 wire actuators
  • Up to 3 fan speeds
  • Adjustable setpoints; push button after-hours


BACnet Smart Stat with Sensor and LCD Display

BACiQ-FC/AC wall mount BACnet smart stats feature a large, backlit digital display, integrated temperature sensor and BTL-ASC certification with built-in sequences to control common Fan Coil and packaged Air Conditioner applications requiring on/off control.

The BACiQ smart stat uses a precision thermistor and Proportional+Integral Algorithm (PI) to maintain consistent zone temperature.

The large backlit LCD screen displays room temperature, setpoints and other status information. The display defaults to standard US units (°F) but metric units (°C) can optionally be selected. Extra inputs are available to optionally support 1 analog plus 2 digital inputs.

BACiQ devices are typically configured by pushing buttons but users can also write to BACnet object instances from BACnet software.

The device supports after-hours overrides initiated from BACnet software or button push; override duration is configurable.

BACiQ smart stats provide quick and easy networked control with a sleek enclosure and convenient user interface.