Input/Output Expander (20 I/O)

Add up to 60 I/O points to 3-series controllers

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Input/Output Expander (20 I/O)


  • Eight universal 0-10Vdc inputs
  • Eight pilot duty relay outputs
  • Four analog 0-10Vdc outputs
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • Second module added via powered USB hub
  • Compact, low profile design
  • Power and communication via USB connection


The USB I/O Expander provides low-cost, easy to implement input and output expansion for ASI Controls 3-series programmable controllers. A standard USB 2.0, A-Male to Mini-B cable carries both communications signals and power, allowing fast, convenient installation. The I/O Expansion module features 8 Universal 0-10Vdc with 12-bit resolution, 8 Form A relay outputs with complete electrical isolation, and 4 0-10Vdc, 10-bit, 20mA max Analog Outputs.

Once the I/O Expander is connected to the 3-series controller USB host port, the controller can immediately start using the additional input and output points. The new inputs and outputs are automatically added to the host controller’s I/O count, and the extra points are configured using Visual Expert as if they were a part of the host controller.

Any 3-series 95xx controller can power a single USB I/O Expander from the USB port, making initial addition of expansion points very quick and convenient. Up to 3 USB I/O Expander modules can be added to a 3-series controller if a qualified powered USB hub is used to power the I/O Expander units.

To help prevent damage from external power spikes relay outputs have metal-oxide varistors and analog outputs have transient voltage suppressors.

All ASIC/3-95XX models support up to 3 USB I/O Expanders with the use of a qualifying externally powered USB hub.