Packaged AC & Heat Pump Controller

Pre-programmed Control Sequences; BTL B-ASC Certified

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Packaged AC & Heat Pump Controller


  • 1 & 2 stage heat pumps
  • Up to 4 stage air conditioners
  • 8 Form C (NO,NC) relay outputs with return
  • 2 Analog outputs
  • BACnet MS/TP interface
  • Multiple BACnet object types supported


BACnet Packaged Unit Controller

The 1-8100 is a BACnet Application Specific Controller with pre-programmed personalities for control of packaged AC units and heat pumps. The device features include 8 Form C relay outputs with isolated return, 2 0-10Vdc Analog outputs, 8 Universal inputs, support for BACnet MS/TP, a self-healing Polyswitch fuse, and worry-free interoperability with BTL B-ASC certification.

The 1-8100 digital controller includes sequences for control of packaged Air Conditioner units and Heat Pumps in new construction and retrofit applications. The controller maintains temperature by turning on and off stages of heating or cooling, with selectable control sequences for one and two stage heat pumps and up to four stages for air conditioning units.

The controller monitors temperature through a wall sensor. WS-0x1 series sensors including the WS-061 Digital Display wall sensor can easily be integrated to the controller using the onboard RJ45 jack and an SCP cable, or a WS-R series sensor with screw terminals can be wired to an available input. Control of indoor fan and optional auxiliary cooling and auxiliary electric or gas heat are included. An optional economizer can be controlled by discharge air or mixed air temperature and the optional changeover analog output can be used for hydronic heating or cooling.

A 100 mA polyswitch fuse provides self-healing protection from power spikes. The control board is mounted on a sheet metal base for easy mounting to a back-plane.

The 1-8100 controller can communicate on an MS/TP bus using standard BACnet baud rates up to 76,800 bps, and can also talk through a WS-0x1 wall sensor using ASI protocol. The 1-8100 is configured using ASI Visual Expert software.