Pre-programmed VAV Controller and Actuator

Onboard Calibrated Airflow Sensor, Belimo ABS enclosure

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Pre-programmed VAV Controller and Actuator


The 1-6100 BTL certified BACnet Application Specific Controller (BTL B-ASC) for VAV, VVT and other airflow applications features an integrated actuator and connects easily to BACnet MS/TP networks. This VAV controller can be used with electric heat or hot water valve reheat and in fan powered boxes. The menu of pre-programmed sequences of control that can be selected for airflow applications includes cooling damper only, hot water or electric reheat, and intermittent or constant fan.

The controller includes an on-board calibrated airflow sensor typically used to maintain the space temperature by varying the air volume, allowing precise digital control of pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV), and Fan-Powered VAV terminal units. In most modes, the controller uses the on-board airflow sensor to maintain space temperature by varying the supply air volume. A pressure-dependent model, without an onboard airflow sensor, is also available. Standard features include Auto Changeover, Lighting Control, Variable User Adjust, After-hours Override, and onboard Trending.

The 1-6100 control board is mounted in a Belimo ABS enclosure with integrated Belimo actuator, with optional damper position feedback. Wiring is included to drive the actuator, and for position feedback input on applicable models. Airflow tubes are installed connecting the sensor to barbs exposed on the outside of the enclosure for quick coupling. The VAV controller is mounted directly on the VAV box being controlled, connected to the damper shaft.

All models of the 1-6100 controller feature 6 Universal Inputs, 5 Binary Outputs and 1 floating Analog Output (20 mA at 10Vdc).

In a typical application, the VAV controller connects to a BACnet-MS/TP network with a 3-series controller, Niagara JASIC 8000 device, Niagara Web Supervisor, ASI IntelliFront or other BACnet front end serving as supervisor. Standard BACnet baud rates up to 76,800 bps are supported. Transient Voltage Suppressors and a 100 mA polyswitch fuse provide rugged protection against power spikes.

The ASIC/1-6100-MB model is available without an integrated actuator for retrofit applications where the existing damper actuator can be re-used.