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  • Automatic addition of a complete set of device points specific to each controller’s programmed personality
  • Automatic Haystack tagging of points
  • Automatic configuration of PxView graphics page appropriate for each controller’s programmed personality
  • Automatic configuration of alarm and history for Zone Temperature
  • Automatic configuration of wiresheet with related points arranged for easy reading, logic to control alarms and schedules, and convenience points
  • Graphics configuration of multiple controllers using customer-developed points and graphics
  • Cloning of a .ASI file or model device configuration into one or more controllers
  • Cloning of a model device configuration in the station into multiple controllers
  • 6100 VAV air balance view
  • Reset command to reset one or more controllers including support for reset in the wiresheet
  • Use IntelliTASC with Niagara


IntelliTASC increases set up speed and configuration of ASIC/1 Controllers when configured with Tridium Niagara

  • Niagara or later, Niagara 4.7 is supported
  • IntelliTASC license (obtain from ASI Controls Technical Support)
  • Haystack Dictionary (haystack-rt) installed
  • IntelliTASC handles ASIC/1 6100 and 8100 controllers for this beta
    ASIC/6100 .bin firmware 2.0.68 and ASIC/8100 .bin firmware 2.5.14 required
  • Jace8000 or Niagara supervisor on a PC



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