ASI Visual Expert

Graphical Front-End Interface

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ASI Visual Expert


  • Configuration - drag-and-drop editing of controllers, sensors, control loops etc.
  • Commissioning - real-time display of all data points makes debugging easy
  • Documentation - click to generate specification diagrams, html tables
  • Network Setup - simple wizard interface for easy configuration, online help
  • Monitoring - create custom screens for building staff, owner, tenants
  • Control - remotely update configuration via modem, or Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP)
  • Maintenance - familiar Windows-based interface, custom graphical views


Visual Expert is the easy to use graphical interface for configuring the entire line of ASI controllers, and for exposing real-time views of project site data points and the control system over a modem. You can design custom screens displaying any real-time system data, device state, valve position, proof of fan etc. You can show or hide different data points, or allow editing of control parameters, depending on the security level you give to that login.

Using the Visual Expert interface, your HVAC design knowledge, and familiarity with Windows software, you can design complete building automation control systems with drag and drop editing of clickable icons. Increase your productivity by decreasing configuration time, simplifying installation and commissioning, and automating common documentation tasks.