Configuration Software

Graphical Programming Software with Drag-and-Drop and Click-to-Connect

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Configuration Software


  • Configuration - drag-and-drop editing of controllers, sensors, control loops etc.
  • Commissioning - real-time display of all data points makes debugging easy
  • Documentation - click to generate specification diagrams, html tables
  • Network Setup - simple wizard interface for easy configuration, online help
  • Monitoring - create custom screens for building staff, owner, tenants
  • Control - remotely update configuration via modem, or Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP)
  • Maintenance - familiar Windows-based interface, custom graphical views


ASI Expert 4 is the easy to use graphical interface providing configuration tools for the entire line of ASI controllers, with real-time display of site data points. Controls technicians can quickly design new custom screens or adapt a template to display any real-time system data, device status, valve position, airflow rate, proof of fan etc.  Designers can show or hide different data points, or allow editing of control parameters, depending on the security level assigned to the user currently using the system.

ASI Expert 4 provides an intuitive table-driven interface to select control sequences and configure pre-programmed 1-series terminal unit controllers, as well as a range of objects used in the graphical programming of 3-series freely programmable BACnet building controllers. Live data is displayed on screen during configuration, and values can be entered manually to override inputs so the control logic can be evaluated for correct functionality. Click-to-connect functionality simplifies the task of connecting object outputs and inputs, snapping the line to the appropriate connection with a chimed confirmation.

Controller configurations, or any part of of a configuration (aka a Function Group), can be saved for re-use on other solutions, or copied from one device on to others on the network.

At sites running a Tridium Niagara network a secure tunnel can be enabled through a JACE device, enabling controls techs to make a secure remote connection and use Visual Expert software configuration tools to adjust device and system settings from any location.

Using the ASI Expert 4 interface, your HVAC design knowledge, and familiarity with Windows software, you can design complete building automation control systems with drag and drop editing of clickable icons. Increase your productivity by decreasing configuration time, simplifying installation and commissioning, and automating common documentation tasks.