IntelliFront 5 Now Shipping on New Devices

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IntelliFront 5 Now Shipping on New Devices

On August 1 ASI began shipping all IntelliFront appliances with version 5.0.

IntelliFront 5 contains a host of enhancements and new features including a new DB builder, new host app, updated connectors, workflow improvements, and bug fixes. A new template creation wizard also makes integrating controllers faster and easier, further reducing configuration time for systems integrators and OEMs. Version 5 also eliminates the reliance on Flash.

Why upgrade?

IntelliFront’s new framework supports new objects, better tuning policies, and discovery via open standards such as BACnet. An additional update to Modbus has now made it easier to map registers to create points. With this upgrade IntelliFront moves to Haystack 4.0, the most current open IoT standard. This new build supports new definitions, taxonomy, ontology, and query enhancements. IntelliFront 5 works with a host of connectors including BACnet IP, Modbus IP, Modbus RTU, OPC, UA, nHaystack, SQL, XML,  JSON, and many others.

The new DB Builder is much faster in IntelliFront 5 with a new user interface designed to optimize workflows for faster configuration. It now supports multiple trees that show organized project information by application; including graphics, programs, connectors, and schedules. New tools allow for drag-and-drop creation of records to create relationships, to Clone, use Tag bundles, to apply Templates, add Histories, add Alarms, and do Conversions.

IntelliFront 5 has been completely revised to work independently outside of a project and security has been revamped to allow for stronger passwords and improved user management functionality. J2 Innovations created an IT Hardening Guide to help IT professionals implement IntelliFront securely.

What if I still have version 4.5?

ASI will continue to support version 4.5 for as long as possible. Due to the deprecation of Flash this year, version 4.5 will no longer work. We strongly encourage everyone with 4.5 projects to upgrade as soon as possible. Our IntelliFront 5 upgrade page in our Partner Portal provides detailed information.

There is no cost to upgrade to IntelliFront 5 if you have an active maintenance agreement in place which was purchased during the last 12 months.  Those without an active agreement or with an agreement beyond the 12-month window can upgrade once the annual maintenance fee has been paid for the period the license was not under the agreement. Contact to upgrade.