Diversified Automation Creates Energy Management System

Diversified Automation Creates Energy Management System

Diversified Automation Creates Energy Management System for Energy Star Rated Building

System Integrator: Diversified Automation – Los Angeles, CA

After acquiring the Sanwa Bank Plaza building at 601 South Figueroa Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA in 1999, the Hines Company  took a long view in planning and installing an upgraded Energy Management System for the building.  They scoped a comprehensive approach, focusing not just on the ASI Controls DDC technologies in the building, but  also on the facility management processes and day to day operational procedures. The holistic approach yielded energy  management and control benefits that qualified the building as an Energy Star rated facility.

In 2001 Hines engaged ASI Controls authorized reseller Diversified Automation to upgrade the HVAC control system in the landmark building. This upgrade focused on the software used to manage the HVAC control system. The energy management features Diversified Automation configured into the control sequences governing the ASI Controls system yielded significant savings.

The building subsequently received an EnergyStar label because it uses energy more efficiently than at least 75% of the buildings in its class. The building has also been recognized in the past, having won the prestigious Building Owners and  Managers Association (BOMA) Large Building of the Year award in 1994, another BOMA prize in 1995, the 1991 Rose Outstanding New Office Building award, and the 1992 Business and Industry Award for Excellence in Architecture.

The EPA also named Hines an Energy Star® Partner of the Year in 2001, 2002 and 2003, and awarded Hines the prestigious EnergyStar Sustained Excellence in Energy Management Award in 2004.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, this 52 story 1,200,000+ sq. ft. building has over 32,000 points, 1,500 VAV boxes, 65 air handlers, 55 fan systems, and 5 chiller systems.  The ASI Controls Energy Management System controls the central plant, the HVAC system, and lighting.  An ASIC/2 configurable controller runs the cooling system, allowing the chilled water plant to achieve efficiencies  of under 1 KW per ton of cooling—including the electric loads of the chillers, the CHW and CW pumps, and the  cooling tower fans.

The ASI Controls Energy Management System controls the HVAC system as well as all indoor lighting and  outdoor lighting. Tenants are incented to minimize off-hours energy use with a weekday occupancy schedule  that provides HVAC and Lighting service during regular business hours. Tenants can request after-hours HVAC  and lighting in their own zones via an intuitive telephone interface, and are invoiced for afterhours usage.