Automation Solution Saving Energy

Automation Solution Saving Energy

Hilton Hotels and Resorts

System Integrator: Systems Associates – Bowling Green, OH

Hilton Hotels has selected ASI Controls for a number of their landmark properties in the U.S.

The Anaheim Hilton and Towers retrofitted their 1.49 Million Sqft property near Disneyland with an installation of an ASI Controls DDC system managing 18 VAV systems, 17 Constant Volume Systems, a Central Plant comprising Chillers totalling 3150 RT and cooling towers.

The contract has saved the Hotel an average 1,779,699 KWh or $126,690 per year. A significant portion of the energy savings are being achieved by dynamically controlling cooling capacity based on the real time requirements of the constant and variable volume systems.

Hilton subsequently selected Systems Associates and ASI Controls to carry out similar work at other flagship Hilton locations including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere. These retrofits have delivered similar savings and enabled new facility monitoring and control options.