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ASI LinkOPC Server

ASI LinkOPC Server

  • Connect ASI systems to show real-time data over the internet
  • Automated tag browsing for rapid project startup
  • Dynamically prioritizes polling for specific devices
  • ASI OPC Server datasheet (PDF; 146K)

The ASI LinkOPC Server is a software product that connects standard Windows applications with the full line of ASI control products.  OPC is an industry standard created collaboratively by a worldwide consortium of leading automation and hardware software suppliers working in cooperation with Microsoft. The standard defines method for exchanging real-time automation data among PC-based clients using Microsoft operating systems.

Traditionally, each software or application developer was required to write a custom interface, or server/driver, to exchange data with hardware field devices. OPC eliminates this requirement by defining a common, high performance interface that permits this work to be done once, and then easily reused by HMI, SCADA, control, and custom applications.

ASI’s LinkOPC server is built in accordance with the OPC standards and is OPC Data Access 1.0 and 2.0 compatible.  The communication was developed to optimize data retrieval.  Tag optimization minimizes the number of data transactions thus reducing the overall traffic.

The OPC specification describes tag browsing with the LinkOPC server supports.  Tag browsing allows for rapid development of client systems through point and click assignment of ASI parameters to client tags.

Polling prioritization is a LinkOPC feature that allows the developer of the HMI client control of which tags to poll for more frequently.  This improves the responsiveness of the HMI screens.  Additionally, the static data can be set at a lower polling frequency to allow the dynamic data higher priority.

Using OPC the server can be installed and running local to the client, utilizing Microsoft’s COM technology, or it can be located on a remote computer utilizing Microsoft’s DCOM technology.

ASI controllers and control systems can be connected via Ethernet TCP/IP networking by means of an EtherLink/3, an ETH8540 on a standalone ASIC/2-8540, or a supported commodity USB-Ethernet converter on a standalone ASIC/2-7540 configurable controller. The LinkOPC server connects to the EtherLink and transfers ASI message requests via TCP/IP.  The LinkOPC server can connect with many EtherLink/2 serial-Ethernet routers simultaneously to provide connectivity with remote controllers and remote sites. For more information please email ASI Controls.

ASI Controls supports  OPC, a set of integration methods designed to promote interoperability between different systems and equipment from various manufacturers.  ASI Controls products currently support OPC-DA 2.x.  ASI WebLink is OPC Client front end software for developing custom web, WAN and LAN accessible control system display interfaces. ASI Controls value-added resellers have succesfully used OPC to connect to equipment and control systems from Johnson Controls, Trane, Honeywell, Siemens and other OPC compliant manufacturers.