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The WS series zone temperature sensors are used in conjunction with the ASIC/ series controllers for measuring ambient zone temperature, and controlling operation with after hours push-button and variable user adjust for tenant override. The sensor may also be used with older ASIC/1 controllers. The WS series sensors may be used with previous ASIC/1-8655, -8015, -8205, and -8305 controllers by moving jumpers located under the sensor cover. The WS series only supports remote communications.

The WS-R Series temperature sensors are thermistor type sensors and are suitable for drywall or junction box mounting These sensors provide a predictable output over a specified temperature range, and are ideal for use with the ASIC/3 products. Wiring connection is via screw terminal. These sensors do not provide communication access to the ASI controller. The WS-Rxx Series of Wall Sensors should be used for sensors that require modular connection and communication access to the ASIC3 products.

The ASI/DP Series is a line of differential pressure transmitters. The transmitters are capable of sensing full scale ranges down to 0.25 ”wc (inches water column). Each ASI/DP pressure transmitter is a high quality device designed using a variable capacitance sensor.

The ASI/RH Series relative humidity transmitters convert a bulk polymer resistance change to a linear 4 to 20mA output.  The signal can be transmitted over long distances on unshielded twisted-pair wire as the current signal is not affected by lead wire resistance or electrical noise. These units must be powered from a 12 to 36 Vdc supply.  The ASI/RH Series humidity transmitters provide long term stability and repeatability in a harsh environment.

The TS Series temperature sensors are thermistor type sensors. They may be used with the ASIC/1-8×55, and ASIC/3 products that include conversion tables for these. These sensors are a perfect complement to the WS-R and WS-0xx series.  The TS Series temperature sensors are offered with options including: Duct Insertion, Immersion, Averaging, Strap-on, and Outside Air Temperature.

The ASI/RH-TS Series combine relative humidity transmitters and a temperature sensor in a single package.  These units are offered in Room, Duct, and Outside Air configurations. The Temperature Sensor is a standard 3 kohm Type 2 Thermistor and is connected to the controller via screw terminals. The Wall Sensor does not support the ASI RS-485 communication jack.