ASI Controls


Networking and Interoperability

ASI Controls offers both BACnet-IP and BACnet-MS/TP interface options for OEM equipment control applications. ASI Controls new ETH8540 on a standalone ASIC/2-8540 combines a fully programmable controller with BACnet-MS/TP connectivity.

The JASIC Open Systems line is powered by the Tridium NiagaraAX Framework™, which provides interoperability options with support for industry standard open protocols including BACnet™-IP, BACnet-MS/TP, LON™, Modbus, oBIX™, and others, enabling control solutions combining ASI Controls legendary performance and BACnet connectivity with Niagara Framework open interoperability. JASIC interoperability options open the door to cost-effective upgrades and retrofits of open control systems, and integrates legacy ASI systems into new BACnet environments.

ASI Controls provides multiple networking and interoperability options through its support for Niagara Framework, BACnet, Modbus RTU, and the OPC protocol. ASI Controls family of networking-related products includes the JASIC-8000 powered by Niagara 4, JASIC-600 Open System Controller with Web Server, JASIC Web Supervisor BACnet System Front End, WebLink BAS Appliance embedded application server, ASI Orion Server DDC system status monitor, EtherLink/3 serial-to-Ethernet router, and DAK color touch-screen operator panels. For networks of single-controller sites such as small box retail locations the direct Ethernet functionality of ASIC/3-9540 provides very cost-effective Ethernet networking options.

ASI WebLink, an OPC-client, provides web-enabled custom front ends on ASI Controls systems with ODBC query capability to interact with other ODBC-compliant databases. WebLink Enterprise Edition is able to host multiple sites in a single instance, with Netcasting functionality providing an automated means to update multiple networked controllers by copying the configuration from a single master controller.

The DAK2000 series color touchscreen operator panels offer either 640×480 or 800×600 resolution full-color display with support for JPG, GIF and BMP graphics. ASI resellers can leverage the ASI library of animated 3D graphic images to provide easily navigable, intuitive DDC system front ends in a secure panel environment without relying on a computer. The DAK2000 offers an Ethernet port for remote configuration over a network, so you can remotely update the user interface without having to visit the site.

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