ASIC/3 Series

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ASIC/3 Series

ASIC/3 Series

The new ASIC/3 line of products from ASI Controls feature a robust selection of intelligent integration hardware for HVAC Control, Energy Management and Building Automation systems. The hardware supports multiple protocols (BACnet, MS/TP or ASI legacy), and is backwards compatible with ASIC/1 and ASIC/2 controllers/software. The firmware is easily updatable from the USB interface, and expanded 15 minute trending intervals are now supported. The units are fully Wi-Fi capable using an optional XBee card, with planned support for EnOcean and XBee devices (coming soon).

Our new ASIC/3 line of products include the ASIC/3-9540, ASIC/3-9500, ASIC/3-9536, as well as the soon to be released ASIC/3-9520 concept controller.

The 3rd generation hardware includes:

  • BACnet-MS/TP, Modbus RTU, ASI interfaces
  • Supports Enocean networking via optional USB device (coming soon)
  • Supports wireless device configration via optional XBee WiFi card (part #XBWIFI)
  • Fast firmware updates via USB flash drive, ASI Expert
  • Support for legacy ASIC/2 objects
  • New objects including Script, enhanced Demand, expanded Trend
  • I/O options include 16+16+8 (9540), 12+16+8 Molex (9536), 8+8+4 (future 9520), no I/O (9500)

The ASIC/3-9540 is our intelligent energy management flagship product. It comes equipped with 16 Form A relays, a solid steel enclosure, and double rank terminals for fast landing.


BACnet MS/TP interface • 8 Analog Outputs • Onboard Ethernet Port • USB Service Port

BACnet MS/TP • USB • 100Mb Ethernet Port • Optional WiFi • SD Card Slot • Alarm & Event Notification • 2 Local Buses

32-bit ARM7 Processor • 100Mb Ethernet Port • USB • 8 Universal Inputs • Optional WiFi • 8 Binary Relay Outputs • 4 Analog Outputs

Product Description

The ASIC/3-9536 is Coming Soon.

32-bit ARM9 processor • 100Mb Ethernet Port • USB • 16 Universal Inputs • 8 Analog Outputs • 12 Binary Relay Outputs[/teaser]


As a step towards BTL certification, ASI Controls is now a member of BACnet International.