Controls contractors know that every additional piece of hardware adds time, overhead, and complexity to a project. ASI Controls has taken steps to make its programmable controls more lean and flexible by adding multiport MS/TP routing to ASIC/3-9540 and -9520 controllers.

With multiport MS/TP routing, the ASIC/3-9540 and -9520 devices now have an expanded network range which decreases the hard costs of routing, simplifies system architecture, and reduces points of failure. This new feature allows ASIC/3 controllers to communicate using BACnet MS/TP on all RS-485 ports and can provide BACnet IP to MS/TP routing across all MA/TP buses. Plus, with up to 32 loads on each RS-485 port, the need for a standalone router is virtually eliminated in single building applications. Projects using wide area networks still require a BAC-ROUTE router as the ASIC/3 routing functionality does not yet offer BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) capabilities.

ASIC/3-9540 and -9520 controllers are currently shipping with the expanded routing capability. To learn more, consult the product data sheet or contact technical support.