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Unitary Control

Terminal Unit Controllers

ASI Control products feature a complete line of pre-programmed application specific intelligent controllers for terminal unit and unitary equipment control. ASIC/1 controllers are most often used for control of VAV, Heat Pump, Rooftop and Fan Coil applications.

These pre-programmed controllers include selectable personalities suited for space temperature control, trending temperature history, scheduled lighting control, maintaining daily event or light schedules, and other common tasks. Once a personality is selected the device is configured via user-configurable template screens, no control sequence design or programming is required. Each of the controllers contains several personalities that describe a specific sequence of control designed to work with a VAV box, heating and cooling units, fan coil, lights, and other typical building climate control and energy management applications.

ASIC/1’s will most often be found:

  • In a network with ASIC/2 or JASIC supervisory controllers managing HVAC and controlling energy use in a facility
  • In an OEM role for control of A/C units, chillers and other devices
  • Controlling small remote facilicites such as equipment shelters with event and alarm notification dialout and generator start capability

The ASIC/1 family now includes 2 models of BACnet MS/TP capable VAV controllers, one with integrated Belimo actuator and one mounted on a metal base for retrofit applications. Communications at up to 19,200 baud on the system and local bus allows fast data access to each controller. All information in the controllers can be accessed and modified via the communication network either locally, via modem, or through high speed LAN.

ASIC/1 pre-programmed controllers are designed to work with ASI WebLink graphical front-end display software with 3D graphics, integrated event & alarm notifications, data trends, graphing, reporting, CSV data export, ODBC read, OPC interoperability and more.

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