Network Supervisor (no I/O)

BTLB-BC Certified

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Network Supervisor (no I/O)


  • 32-bit ARM9 processor
  • 100Mb Ethernet port; optional WiFi
  • BACnet MS/TP or ASI on System Bus
  • 2 Local Buses support ASI or Modbus Master RTU
  • Works with ASI WebLink & ASI Data Server products
  • USB Device Service Port
  • Local Bus Polling
  • Dial-in, Dial-out (Future)
  • Alarm & Event Notification
  • SD Card expansion slot


The 3-9500 Multi-port System Interface is a BACnet BTL B-BC certified controller that provides communication access to a network of ASI controllers from a system host computer or modem.  The device executes ASI object-based control sequences but has no physical IO.

The 3-9500 provides access via USB Device Service port or 100 MB Ethernet, and three RS-485, 1/2 duplex balanced line communication buses. Red and green LEDs indicate receive and transmit status of the System and Local RS-485 communication busses. BACnet-MS/TP communication is supported up to 115,200 baud. RS-485 inputs and outputs are protected by 100 mA polyswitches, 24 VAC power input is protected by a 1.35A polyswitch.

The 3-9500 supports Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP communications via a wired or wireless connection. A Wi-Fi card can be installed in the XBee slot, with support for WPA2 and other security protocols. A dedicated USB modem is available for dial-in and dial-out applications.

The device has three separate RS-485 system and local buses. The system bus is used to network multiple BACnet MS/TP controllers, or optionally use ASI legacy protocol.  Polling is supported on the local buses, with pass-through communication from the Ethernet or USB ports. Alternately either local bus can support Modbus Master RTU. A real time hardware clock enables network time broadcast and synchronizing of time for networked controllers.

The 3-9500 can act as an optional baud rate buffer to allow linking of networks communicating at differing baud rates. A typical application includes a modem link at 9600 baud connected directly to a control system at 19,200 baud. Another typical use case is adding new controllers communicating at up to 19,200 baud to a legacy ASIC/1 controller network running at 1,200 baud.
ASIC/3-9500 functional configuration is held in non-volatile Flash memory that retains program data during power interruption. Configuration of values like System Baud Rate and System Bus Addresses is done using Windows based ASI Visual Expert software.

The firmware can be enabled to automatically make configuration backups to qualified SD cards.