New – Customizable 3D Animated Graphics for WebLink

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New – Customizable 3D Animated Graphics for WebLink

We are excited to offer new graphics packages for WebLink provided by These new graphics enable you to assemble a custom AHU, RTU, unitary device, heat pump, or AAON-type rooftop, or to layout a custom Central Plant. The libraries include a mix of large background pieces like housings and enclosures along with smaller components like coils, pipes, fans, pumps, etc. The housings and components in a package can be fit together in any order or orientation.

The graphics match those offered by for JASIC Open Systems (Tridium) devices, enabling a consistent look for front ends served by ASI WebLink software, JASIC devices with embedded UI, or by JASIC Web Supervisor front end software.

These optional WebLink graphics libraries are licensed by project. You specify a project name along with a PO at the time of purchase, and each project requires its own license. You can use a graphics package on multiple computers provided the project name matches. To make it easy to get started you can buy one engineering copy for development computers and later apply the cost of the engineering license to your first customer project.

We provide a tool to convert graphics created under one license to a different license so you can re-use graphics from project to project, or transfer graphics from an engineering development machine to the WebLink server at a customer project site.

The BASMaker package combines all four of the AHU, RTU, Unitary, and Heat Pump libraries in one license.

See this YouTube video for additional information on the new graphics packages.

These low resolution of thumbnails provide a preview of the 3D graphics, the actual images in the library are sharp and clear.

These optional libraries contain PNG format graphics for a sharp look along with compact file sizes.  You can order graphics packages for use with either ASI WebLink or JASIC Open Systems from ASI Controls.

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