New Product – Power Monitoring Panel

ASI Controls

New Product – Power Monitoring Panel

We are pleased to announce availability of a new pre-assembled enclosure for power monitoring applications. By working with meter provider DENT Instruments we can offer convenient single invoice ordering of their Modbus power meter along with a pre-assembled compatible power monitoring panel as a single ASI Controls product. The new ENC-KWMON panel comes with a DENT PowerScout3 power meter along with RoCoil “rope” current transformers or CT’s.

The ENC-KWMON panel is not a UL-listed product. The NEMA-1 enclosure and ASIC/2-8540 controller inside are UL-listed components and the power meter and CT’s are UL-recognized components. The ENC-KWMON product is assembled in the USA.

Each power monitoring panel includes:

  • ASIC/2-8540 controller configured to communicate with a DENT Instruments PowerScout3 power meter using Modbus RTU protocol
  • EtherLink/3 serial-to-Ethernet router for network connectivity
  • DENT Instruments PowerScout3 Modbus power meter (unmounted)
  • Three (3) 16” RoCoil CT’s with 5” opening, 25-3500A rating
  • Terminations for 110V, 24V, and RS485
  • Transformer and 120V AC outlet
  • 20″x18″x6″ NEMA-1 steel enclosure

The power monitoring ASIC2 and WebLink templates are provided as a convenient training example and educational aid, free of charge. ASI Controls resellers can download the ASI WebLink front end template, as well as the ASIC/2 controller configuration that supports communication with a DENT Instruments PowerScout3 power meter, from the Integrator Center. No purchase is necessary to download these templates.

More information on the DENT Instruments PowerScout series of power meters and convenient, flexible RoGowski-style CT’s is available from the DENT Instruments website. DENT Instruments recommends each reseller working with their meters purchase one communications toolkit which includes a custom USB cable that connects the power meter to your PC, along with DENT Instruments Viewpoint software. The communications toolkit is invaluable in the event you have to troubleshoot a meter, or want to look at data from the meter outside of an ASI Controls interface.

For sites with BACnet front ends the ENC-KWMON-BAC with an RS-485 BACnet MS/TP interface is available. You can also special order panels that include RoCoil CT’s with longer leads, split-core CT’s, and high accuracy split-core mini-CT (5A rating) suitable for monitoring individual pieces of equipment.