ASI Controls Proves Powerful Things Come in Small Packages

ASI announces US-made BTL B-BC certified BACnet programmable VAV controller

ASI Controls Proves Powerful Things Come in Small Packages

ASI Controls is pleased to announce initial availability of the BTL B-BC certified ASIC/3-6115 fully-programmable VAV controller, which blends the power and flexibility of freely programmed devices with application-specific intelligence and cost-effectiveness of unitary controllers.

The next-generation ASIC/3-6115 expands ASI Controls’ {IN}telligent Network™ line of digital control products while preserving the company’s unique commitment to backward compatibility.

CEO Francis Chapman stated, “adding the convenience of canned sequences to the scalability of programmable logic gives system integrators new cost-effective options to meet today’s airflow distribution control requirements, and we’re proud to say it is made in the USA!”

The ASIC/3-6115 is fully compatible with industry standard front ends like Niagara Framework™ as well as ASI IntelliFront™ and ASI Weblink. Native ASIC/3 objects enable rapid development of complex control sequences which can extend or replace the convenient pre-programmed sequences of control provided by ASI Controls to handle standard air distribution applications.

“The 6115 offers all of the advantages of the ASI line in a powerful, compact, energy-saving package, along with a compelling 5-year warranty” Mike Fong (COO) said. For applications requiring the versatility of a fully-programmable controller but only needing limited I/O the new ASIC/3-6115 offers significant cost savings versus high point count supervisory controllers.

Customers have the option to use a library of predefined parameters for common VAV applications or customize the controller through ASI Visual Expert to utilize ready-made objects including scheduling, logic, PID control, alarming, optimum start, trending, run-time accumulation, and electrical demand management.

The ASIC/3-6115-DD variant includes two airflow sensors and an integrated Belimo actuator for dual duct and VAV tracking applications. The ASIC/3-6115 is currently undergoing field tests and will be fully available in Fall 2018.