ASI Orion Server

Status Monitor

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ASI Orion Server


  • Monitor connectivity status of networks or individual controllers
  • Configure "yellow" prompt and "red" alert thresholds by site
  • Screen layout and navigation optimized for mobile devices
  • Users can manage frequency of alerts for each monitored site


ASI Orion software monitors alarm and event notifications originating from networked controller(s) and/or systems and alerts users if alarm notifications are not being received. Orion helps users detect issues so they can promptly respond to network outages, DDC system wiring failures, controller outages, and other factors that could cause alarm and event notification failures.

ASI Orion uses periodic “OK” alarms to verify that a controller is functional and a viable route is available for alarm and event notifications to get out on the network. If the “OK” message is not received within a configurable timeframe the system requests the controller send an “OK” message. If no “OK” message is received within the next configured timeframe then ASI Orion sends email alerts to subscribed users. Users can select both the frequency and the total number of alerts sent by site, giving users flexibility to respond promptly to time-critical issues and less urgently to non-critical issues.

Orion can monitor hundreds of sites from a single instance helping users to cost effectively monitor outages and downtime so resources can be allocated to re-establish alarm and event notification functionality and potentially resolve problems before they escalate.

Orion is available either as a dedicated embedded web server device or as standalone software. The embedded device arrives with all software pre-installed, a power supply is included.

Orion network architecture