DDC Controls

DDC Controls

BACnet and Modbus Controllers, Niagara AX Embedded Web Servers

  • Energy management including demand control and optimum start
  • Alarm reporting, including dial-out to monitoring software
  • Simple on-off, delayed start, optimal start, rotating start
  • Complex control sequences including PID Loops
  • Mix BACnet, Modbus, and ASI protocol interfaces
  • Optional WiFi for convenient ASIC/3 programming/configuration
  • JASIC interfaces for BACnet, Modbus, OPC, LON interoperability
  • JASIC drivers for OpenADR, databases, legacy DDC,…
  • Local data logging for trending and reporting
  • Weekends, daylight savings, holidays, special events schedules

DDC Controls

ASI Controls supervisory and network controllers provide digital control for many applications. Whether you need to control equipment such as an AHU or Chiller, supervise multiple floors of VAV controllers in a building, or provide the head end device for a system incorporating hundreds of sub-networked controllers. Customers are able to provide solutions combining components from the reliabile, rugged ASIC/2 line with the interoperable, interconnectable JASIC Open Systems line.

ASIC/3, ASIC/2 and JASIC Open Systems controllers provide a range of options and features for more demanding and specific control sequences than the convenience of pre-programmed ASIC/1 controllers offer. The new ASIC/3-9540 controllers offer optional WiFi connectivity for the ultimate in convenient access for programming and configuring the controller through an integrated XBee pad.

Whether your challenge is to manage a sub-network of pre-programmed controllers, embed a web front end in the control system, or create holiday scheduling that innately recognizes Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Memorial Day, ASI Controls has a solution. In addition to standard features like HVAC Control, Demand Limiting, Lighting control, scheduling, supervisory control and timekeeping, our advanced programmable ASIC/3 and ASIC/2 controllers have almost unlimited flexibility with features that include:

The JASIC Open Systems line is powered by the Tridium NiagaraAX Framework™, enabling control solutions combining ASI Controls legendary performance and reliability with open systems interoperability. JASIC interoperability provides options for the most cost-effective upgrades and retrofits of existing control systems.

The ASIC/2 line leverages a decade of experience in providing powerful programmable controllers. Devices are programmed in a drag and drop visual environment using ASI Visual Expert software. Any ASIC/2 controller can act as Modbus RTU Master on the local bus. The new ASIC/3 line is compatible with all legacy ASI controllers built since 1991, demonstrating our industry leading commitment to maximize customer payback on existing ASI investments. New ASIC/3 controllers also offer the unique ability to simultaneously run BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU Master, and ASI legacy protocol interfaces. Nobody else can do that.

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