Control Solutions for Very Large Spaces

Control Solutions for Very Large Spaces

Worcestor Commons, Worcester, MA

System Integrator – American Energy Management- Marlborough, MA

The energy costs for facilities with very large common spaces such as shopping malls can be very high, especially in areas that experience climate extremes. American Energy Management has developed a lot of experience in cost-effectively meeting the climate control and energy management requirements of these types of facilities. At the Worcester Commons Mall in Worcester, MA, AEM delivered a complete solution to manage 1.5 Million square feet of combined retail and office space. Features include CO2 based demand ventilation, optimization of the 4,000 ton rated chiller, VAV static pressure reset, and Enthalpy control

At the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA, AEM delivered heating, air conditioning, lighting and smoke evacuation control for the 880,000 square foot facility. AEM has also provided complete control solutions for the 1.2M sq. ft. Silver City Galleria, the 900,000 sq. ft. Stamford Town Center, and many other large facilities.

Besides expertise in the specialty requirements for controlling facilities with very large open spaces, AEM has deployed many successful projects for educational facilities, office buildings, pharmaceutical manufacturers and others. Read about more AEM projects on the AEM website.