Differences between WebLink Local, Net, Net Plus, and Enterprise

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Differences between WebLink Local, Net, Net Plus, and Enterprise

Different editions of ASI WebLink 3 include LocalNetNet Plus, and Enterprise.

WebLink Local is for applications where you only want to access the front end from a single console, for example at the computer running WebLink on a job site.

WebLink Net adds the ability to access the front end from anywhere on a network, for example in a web browser over the Internet

WebLink Net Plus adds monitoring and automated alarm and event notification to the Net edition.

ASI WebLink provides a 30 day evaluation license version of WebLink Net Plus.

Out of the box both Net and Net Plus support access for a single network user.

If 2 or more users will simultaneously access WebLink over a network you should purchase additional Net Connect 1 (+1 user) licenses. There is a limit of 4 licensed user connections for WebLink Net and Net Plus editions.

WebLink Enterprise has all the funcationality of Net Plus, along with other special features specially suited for networked sites such as Netcasting functionality.

Netcasting allows you to make changes to a single controller or site, and automatically copy the same changes to all other controllers on the network, or to a subset of those controllers.

Out of the box the Enterprise version supports 1 network user. You can optionally add Net Connect 1 and/or Net Connect 3 licenses, up to a limit of 10 licensed user connections.