Animating and Modulating Graphics in WebLink

Animating and Modulating Graphics in WebLink

A complete set of instructions and example scripts to do animation and modulation (coil, damper, valve…) using PNG format images in ASI WebLink is on our website:

The slideshows covers how to do animation using an ASI Controls provided function, and also provides 3 different working examples of ways to show modulation. One method uses a series of “if-then-else” statements like an example in the WebLink manual, a second uses the ModulatePNG() function we provide, and a third uses WebLink scaling to do most of the work.

The training materials on the website provide sample javascript which can be copied off the screen and pasted into a WebLink editor. The materials also include links to download a PNG graphics library in GFX format and a WebLink screen with a working example of PNG animation.

The animation and modulation techniques in these examples will work equally as well with a series of JPG or GIF images.

Let us know if there’s any other questions about handling graphics in WebLink that you’d like to see covered by these training materials, or additional topics you’d like to see covered using this same web based approach with instructions and downloadable sample scripts.