Cost Savings

Built-In Cost Savings

Cost Savings

An ASI building control system not only provides full control of your facility climate, lighting and other systems—with secure web access to your control system—it can also save you money:

  • You can save on electricity costs by managing your consumption during occupied and non-occupied periods, adding an economizer mode, adjusting setpoints to suit space usage, and more.
  • You can also save on equipment maintenance and replacement costs by having the building control system optimize start times, perform rotations among your devices, send you email reminders when a piece of equipment reaches a specified amount of run time, and more.
  • Proper energy management can result in lower O&M expenses and higher return on investment for capital equipment.
  • With trends, graphs, reports, ODBC r/w queries, and plug-ins for energy management systems, ASI’s WebLink tool validates savings and management of site energy usage and uncovers misuse so that corrections can be made.

Commercial buildings in the United States are responsible for 18% of the country’s total energy consumption, and HVAC systems can consume up to 40% of a building’s energy usage. Adding a building control system addresses up to 70% of the energy used in a building. With energy costs trending upward, this is an especially significant way to save.

EMS Saves Hotel $127,000

A major international hotel chain retrofitted an ASI energy management system (EMS) at its Anaheim, California, location to control air distribution systems, cooling towers and a 3,150-ton chiller plant. The ability to deliver energy savings while maintaining guest comfort led the company to do EMS retrofits with ASI products at their other locations.

Automated Cost Control for Small Outlets

ASI networking and energy management features can provide energy cost savings, remote monitoring and control for networks of small stores. Systems integrator EMSCO leveraged two decades of experience with EMS to deliver solutions providing net positive monthly cash flow for fast food and other networked retail outlets with challenging ROI requirements.

Persistent Control of Facility Energy Costs

Envirotrols Group used the demand limiting and load shedding capabilities in ASI systems to lower operating costs and reduce the carbon footprint at over 60 climate-controlled Safeguard Self Storage facilities. The payback for these projects averaged nine to 18 months. Automated reporting helps verify savings and ensure consistent returns.

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